May 4, 2011

Bored People Have Deaf Souls


This is the de-facto complaint of the people in the digital age. People write this shit on facebook, twitter, their status messages on gtalk and anywhere and everywhere they can write this. I hate these three words as much as I hate chocolate cake. How can a living, breathing human being be so out of wits that they get BORED?

I think I know the reason why people get bored. I'll share it with you. 

People get bored because their souls are deaf. 


... say, that makes no sense! Souls? Deaf? 

It makes sense. Come closer to the screen and we'll find out together. 

See, the bored people can't hear the Tick-Tock. And that is the reason they get bored. 

The Tick-Tock in question is the sound of our life bitching out on us. One second at a time.

We're all gonna die. There is no escape from that. 

And there is so much in the world we'll never see. So many books we'll never read, so many songs we'll never listen to, so many works of art we'll never get to experience, so many people we'll never meet.

So, I ask you, where is the time to get bored?

Don't you hear the Tick-Tock? Next time you "feel bored" try to think of everything you'll miss once you're dead. 

Might help you get things in perspective. 


  1. Yup I agree.. there is more things to do than being bored like listening to music, books and there there are many things which can indulge us in many things. I agree to your point.

  2. yeah...partly agree. but then i guess, some people are so afraid of that sound that they chose to ignore it, and you can't blame them for that because not everyone has the balls to accept the obvious.

    btw, was some part of this blog inspired by the song "forever young" ? i mean i felt like that.

  3. well I see not many stop to think to reflect :)

  4. Those moments when we may have been bored are the chances to free our minds.
    Relax and wonder and wander.
    Rock on!

  5. yea..realisation dawns time and again...the clock is ticking!!! :(