Feb 19, 2018

Chapter Twelve - Afterdeath

She was not herself anymore.

The body she once owned, it was gone. She drifted through time, space, and matter itself with the aimlessness of a wandering feather taken by the winds. There were things she needed to remember and things she needed to do, but she had no form and no substance.

She was nothing.

Floating, floating on the currents of an endless light, in search of nothing. There was no beginning or end to all this. And somewhere in the void, a voice called out her name.

She knew the voice. She knew what it wanted. There was an urgency to the voice. A need that she could not ignore. She watched as timstreams slipped by her and focused on the voice. She had to get to the voice.

Detritus of time floated by her as she grabbed on to what she could and formed herself anew. The scrap and junk that was washed out of the time stream stuck to her and slowly her new form came to be.

And with the new form, she gained a new power.

A slow trickling of her will into her new ragtag body that gave her even more motivation to seek out the voice. In the darkness of her mind, the voice called out a single word on repeat.

“Mother, Mother, Mother…”

In a rush of energy and power, she was there. Back where it had all begun. She saw herself walking towards the door to answer the knock and she knew she had to be fast. She turned away and walked into the bedroom where Jorah and her husband were sleeping. She bent over Jorah. Her beautiful son. Sleeping so peacefully. He had no idea of the war that was about to come and the role he was going to play in it. She had to separate him from this place so that he could come back here once she’d trained him. Right to this moment of time. She looked behind her and saw her own form rushing to crash into her.

Sybil willed Jorah with her and vanished into a cloud of black energy. What she left behind her was just a facsimile of sleeping Jorah while she cradled her son right next to her in her arms as she moved through timestreams once again to look for a safe place...for where there is one time stop, there has got to be another.

She will raise him as a warrior, as someone who will face the thirteen when the right time came and he might even save her in the process. Jorah stirred in his sleep and she shushed him calmly. There was going to be a new day for the boy.

A new life. A new purpose. He was going to be the key. The thirteen were right in many aspects. They were right because they feared the boy.

And they were right to do so.

She was going to make sure of that.


And thank you very much. This should be it. 

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  1. And so the story ends...What a series. Absolutely loved it!