Feb 14, 2018

Chapter Eleven - In The Belly Of The Beast

There was no joy in using a sword that was not her own.

But she could not give up that easily. She had to put up a fight. Life, for her, didn’t need to last the night, only the coming few hours and she might just get out of the time loop without too much damage.

The words spoken by Lucifer still swam in her ears. What he’d told her to do was so insane it was borderline genius. The things that had happened so far slowly started to make sense to her. Pieces that seemed disjoined fell into place once she changed her point of view of looking at it all. She just needed distance from the time loop, and her father’s talk had given her just that.

Still, she had to get through The Thirteen who had probably decided what to throw at her next. The Nephilim didn’t return. Except, in its place, a globe of darkness descended towards Sybil.

She raised her blade to meet it and quelled the rising terror in her heart at what she was about to attempt. Tendrils of smoke and darkness erupted from the globe as it rushed at Sybil. She sliced and chopped at the oncoming darkness, leaving shreds of black floating in the air but the dark tentacles kept on coming for her.

The sword seemed to glow hotter in her hands as she gripped it tighter.

The tentacles of darkness enveloped her as she sliced, chopped and stabbed the black appendages but she could not make any progress. The more tentacles she cut, others appeared in their place.

In the distance, she heard Jorah scream for her. But he was far away, and there was little he could do to save her. He had shown his fighting mettle this night, but try as he might, he was no match for the dark creature that was not even interested in him.

The tentacles enveloped her body. Gripping her sword arm in a tight and away from her body. Her bones popped under the pressure that was applied to her by the darkness.

Sybil felt her body float up from the ground and rise towards the light of the platform that made up The Thirteen. Life drained from her as she struggled to draw breath.

Black spots swam in front of her eyes and through the growing fog of unconsciousness, she remembered what she had to do. Her teeth closed around the tip of her tongue, and she bit as hard as she could. Blood spurted from her lips, and she spat a chunk of her tongue into the darkness that surrounded her.

The piece of flesh started to sputter and burn. It expanded as it fed on the darkness and burst into flames as a small black hole opened up around Sybil. She remembered to take a deep breath as the black hole sucked in the darkness, leaving her lying on the cold platform and the combined form of The Thirteen staring back at her. She wiped the blood from her mouth and stood up. The sword had fallen from her hand over the platform into the darkness of the night below her. Above her, the time loop’s surface burned with colors of the night. Blues, purples, greens, and reds fought with each other to gain dominance. Like watching the inside of a bubble about to burst.

“Let’s get this over with,” she managed to speak.

The behemoth of a figure didn’t say anything. It just stared back at her like she was an insect not worth bothering with.
“If you’re going to kill me, now is the time. If I get my hands on a weapon, I will not leave you alive to regret your decision.”

The force of The Thirteen slammed her back into the ground. The combined anger and hate pressed into her and her ribs cracked under pressure, piercing her heart and slamming into her spine. She coughed blood from her mouth and suddenly taking even a single breath was impossible.

Sybil’s body ravaged under the onslaught of the force that pressed into her with the weight of a planet behind it. She tried to take another breath, realized she could not.
This was the end.

She closed her eyes and smiled. In the end, she had won.


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  1. This is the end? No!

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