Feb 10, 2018

Chapter Nine - The Hell Gate

There are a few things as beautiful and as insane as fire. Fire has no master. It serves no one. It goes where it wants to, where it finds fuel, where it finds something, anything that would sustain it for as long as possible. The gate of hell was open in the time loop and hell poured forth inside that domain.

Sybil finally felt at home.

A force rushed out of the hell gate. Impossible heat, bathing her through and through. For a few moments, Sybil was a dark silhouette in the red light that poured out of the gate to hell that she had opened. A pressure filled the area and the Nephilim screeched in terror as it glimpsed upon the horrors that lay beyond the hole to hell.

“What the fuck have you done, you stupid fucking bitch?!”

“I told your masters, all hell will follow me. And now, it’s here.”

“Close it! Close the gate! You have no idea the kind of forces you are fucking with here!”

“I know exactly the kind of forces I am fucking with here. The gate will stay open till you tell them to fuck off from here. I want to be back in my bed and I don’t want to remember any of this.”

The Nephilim grinned. He raised his arm and power gathered around his upraised fist. Sybil stared at him. “Really? Don’t you know what I’ve done here? You think your puny antics can now hurt me?”

“Who said anything about hurting you?”

The Nephilim turned and the bolt of light shot towards her house where Jorah was still standing, trying to figure out how his mother had separated his sword into two useless pieces with just a twist and a pull. He looked up to see the bolt fill his frame of vision.

Time slowed down as figures rushed from the hell gate and crowded around Jorah. Claws, armored skin, stinking fetid breaths, a smell of brimstone and charred flesh filled the air. The bolt struck true and the once the smoke cleared. Jorah was still standing there, surrounded by demons of all shapes and sizes. They seemed to move and shift out of focus if you looked at any of them for too long. One of the demons took the blade and the pommel from Jorah’s hands.

“Your mother needs a blade, kiddo.” It grinned at Jorah, displaying sharp canines that criss-crossed its mouth and made it slur its words.

It grabbed the pieces of the sword and put them together. With a tiny pinging sound, the sword was whole again.

“How did you do that!” Jorah yelled at the demon. The demon simply bowed and said, “Touched by hell.”

It tossed the blade towards Sybil who had not moved from her place near the hell gate that had opened in the ground. She waited for the one whose arrival will decide if she will live through the night or not.

The Nephilim still floated in the air, a cross expression writ on his face. “Go, and tell your masters that this house is under hell’s protection,” she lied. “Tell them to take off the time loop and return things to as they were.”

“As if,” the Nephilim snorted.

“Go. Before I lose my patience with you.”

As the Nephilim slowly floated away, up towards the circle of thirteen. Sybil braced herself for the sound that was coming from the hell gate. She knew she’d be safe, but it had been years since she’d last seen him and opening the hell gate in a time loop was sure to invite his rage. This was her last option and she knew that sooner or later she’d have to pay the price for it.

The sound coming from the hell hole slowly increased in its pitch. Sybil held her breath, trying to stop the hammering of her heart in her chest. The world swam out of focus as a cloud of steam and fire gushed out of the hell gate. A tongue of flame shot out, high as a tower, almost reaching the periphery of the sky and as soon as it rose, it was gone.

In its place stood a man who was once an angel. He wore a curious expression on his face as he sniffed the air. His hair stood out in a tangled mess of blonde curls on his head and his face still had an angelic look except for the scars he had picked along the way. He wore a coat of white and gold, immaculate and pristine. A smile played along on his face like a scared rabbit running in a minefield.

He turned and looked straight at Sybil.

“Hello, dearest,” said Lucifer Morningstar, lord of hell, prince of lies, and fallen angel, lightbringer, satan. But for Sybil, he was just daddy.


  1. Sybil is Lucifer's daughter? I didn't see that one coming!

    You never fail to shock.

    1. hey man, thanks so much for reading. Sorry, I took such a long gap from this story. Life and work kept me busy. But now I am here and I am going to finish this.

      Thanks again :D