Dec 6, 2015

Comic Con Delhi 2015

I am going to say some shit in this post, you don't have to like or agree with that shit. You don't even have to read this shit, you can go and write on your own blog that I wrote shit on this blog.

Are we cool? I hope we are, cuz I am pissed off and there will be words.

Now, let's see what's comic con. Annual event, held all over India from time to time, invites artists, trade people, celebs from all over, has cos-players, and merchandise, and lot of people, peppy volunteers, etc etc etc.

I went to comic con for the first time in 2014 feb and next time today. That's a lot of gap between two comic cons. But fuck that, I don't really care about that. If they never held another comic con in delhi or anywhere in India, I'd be pretty much fine with it. 

Because, come on, let's be honest with each other here. This event sucks donkey balls. If I start counting off the reasons I'll be writing here all night but I've got better shit to do like sleep, so here are some reasons off the top of my head.

They called Hodor as the main guest of the event. Organizers, are you fucking even being serious here? Are you fucking kidding the kids? Fucking Hodor? Fuck you. 

And fuck you for having the gall to charge kids 800 bucks for a picture with Hodor. The guy is not even a strong celeb, he is a fucking DJ for fuck's sake. He is not even going to DJ at the event. (DJs suck too, but that's another post.) 

And you make kids stand in lines and then pay money to get pics clicked and autographs signed with Hodor of all people. It's like the organizers sat together and thought up the weakest celeb to call to Comic Con, then they thought hey, fuck it, call Hodor! 

Why? Cuz fuck-all indian crowd will lap up anything that vaguely makes them feel closer to western media. I could barely keep myself from puking all over the place when I saw the big hoarding of Hodor. Oh merciful god, why?

And they had Cyrus Barocha speaking at the event, which had speakers placed at the most stupid imaginable places. I almost got my ear drum blown off when cyrus was shrieking into the microphone. I am not at a metal fucking concert, I don't need that shit in my ear. Jesus fucking christ, it was loud. 

I have a headache now and I am angry cuz everywhere I went in that ground, i could hear cyrus' goatfucking voice in my ears. I almost went to the stage to beat him to death with the microphone but I got distracted. 

Yes, there were things there worse than even cyrus broacha and his shitfuck jokes. Look, at the core of it cosplaying is about showing your own take on something that's not been done to death at least at every comic con. 

Why do I have to look at ten people dressed as the shittiest joker, why are there 6 fucking spider-man costumed fucks hanging around, why the fuck would you not at least shave your fucking legs if you're cosplaying as a fairy and wearing shorts? Why won't you put at least some effort in your cosplay and not dress as mr fucking beans every time? That has to be the laziest cosplay ever. Anything lazier than mr beans and you might as well not get out of the house. What the fuck, you just put on a brown coat and pants and boom, mr beans. Fuck that guy who dresses as mr beans every time. 

But even worse than mr beans are the merchandise sellers at comic con. I shit you not, I saw a pikachu soft toy not bigger than my fist that had a handwritten price of 4000₹ on it. Are you trying to fuckachu me out of my cash? If you wanna fuck me just ask me to bend over politely, no? You have the indecency of putting a fucking handwritten price tag on a piece of shit soft toy and then you've to gall of trying to sell that to people? Fuck you. Just fuck you. There are other stalls that are just there without any idea of how to sell shit to people, there are one or two confused looking teenagers there with plastic smiles on their faces. They don't want to be there but maybe the pocket money is good, so why the fuck not. 

Fuck this. Writing this has pissed me off so much I don't want to even touch on the fact that comic con is a human disaster waiting to happen they've just been fucking lucky so far. God, and why can't I get a 3G connection in that fucking place. At least provide wifi tokens or something. Fucking wankers. 

/end of rant. 

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