Nov 26, 2015

things fall apart

Year end is always a difficult time for me techwise. I can go the whole year without any kind of technology related accidents and then suddenly it's all down on my head like a bundle of bricks. Some of my most spectacular technology fails have been in the months of November and December. So, even though it's difficult, i try to stay away from most tech things in these two months, or just be extra careful when handling anything techy. 

Is this superstition? 

Maybe it is, maybe I am just looking at the statistical probability of the cold months making me clumsy or generally distracted with the technology around me. 

My laptop has randomly shut down on me twice for some reason and I had to take out the battery, start it with the charger in and then switch it off and insert the battery back in to get it working again. There is a small whining noise coming from somewhere in the laptop and I don't think that is a good thing. 

The phone is a regular pain, like an itch you keep scratching because it's got such shitfuck low memory. Why the fuck did apple make phones with 8gb memory? It's a good phone on all other accounts, just the low memory bugs me like anything. Oh, I dropped the phone one day, and now the screen clicks when i tap it in a particular area. What can a man do?

Also, I shattered the screen of my tablet. It slipped from my hand while I was picking the tablet and my phone from the bed. Now it's not that bad that i'd consider buying a new tablet, and it's not that small that it doesn't irk the eye every time i pick up the fucking thing to play Boom Beach or read a book. That's all the tablet is good for. But I think I am learning to ignore the shattered part of screen. Like some junk that you see every day on your way to office and after a while it becomes a part of the scenery and you are just mentally blind to it. 

How much of such junk do we carry around in life, in relationships, in our daily dealings with others? This is something to think about. 

What else, I got my tiny lil snasa music player but I've not used that thing in quite some time. 

Ah, I just felt like writing all this here while I procrastinate writing my nanowrimo project. I better get a day or two of writing in if I have to hit that word count. 



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