Dec 14, 2015

A New Direction

If i need to take this blog in a new direction, all the old jazz will have to go. I've tweaked the template of this blog to hell and back all the while trying to make it look minimal and just like i wanted it.

But I do not want it like that anymore. I think we're set for a complete overhaul of this baby so that we can start writing some good stuff on here. I don't think I want to go for some fancy-shmancy template this time and I don't even want to tweak it a lot. So it's probably going to be some kind of basic template that doesn't have too many bells and whistles.

There are some things I've done to this blog that I absolutely love. There is a link at the end of every post that takes you to a random post, the header text A Story A Day is centered unlike many other blogs, there are several under the hood tweaks that let me bring the focus only and only on what's written on the page, there are sharing options, but i think I'll let them go because, well, if anyone wants to share, they'll most probably cut past the link in their twitter or facebook or google+.

Comments will be back, because now that I am off twitter (I should do a post on that too), there should be some kind of way for people to get a word to me in case someone needs me or someone in the know needs my special set of skills.

I had a bit of a thought of changing the blog's title, but no. Because we can get back to writing stories any day, right? :D

Oh yeah, anything else that you, constant readers want to see here? Please feel free to chime in through the comments.

Are there even any readers left of this blog? I think most of the people are busy in their social media vortex of twitter facebook and what not. It's a time sink and it really takes tiny bits and pieces of life away from us.

You only realize this when you're out of it.

You have to trust me on this.


  1. heyyy! I'm still here, ol' buddy! do whatever with your blog. you write, I'll read. that's a promise. oh and I subscribe via feedly, so none of the custom shite matters... lol

  2. Still reading. Thou is not alone.