Nov 2, 2015

It's November! Which means NANOWRIMO!!

I think I have said enough about NaNoWriMo, the yearly tradition of writing a novel in November.

The math is simple, 50000 words, 30 days, 1667 words a day. Keep at it and you have something slightly resembling a zero draft in your hands by the end of the month. It is no way a complete novel. It is just a basic draft of how things are going to happen. Hell, it's not even the first draft, it's a zero draft, the first draft comes later. Most published novels go through 10-20 drafts before even being ready for submission to agents or publication houses. So, don't get your hopes of being a writer anywhere near the UP mark.

NaNoWriMo is essentially practice, for telling yourself that you can write daily and you can achieve a target set of words. That's about it.

Well, you say, yeah yeah pallav, shut the fuck up and tell us how to tackle this beast, cuz we've heard that you've done this shit twice or thrice already, not that we care, cuz you never made a first draft of those zero drafts, but give it to us.

So, I'll say, well, since you asked for it, and because I have to work on my Nano project for this year, i am not going to type out a whole set of posts, because I already did those some years ago.

You're gonna have to click on links, my friend.

Link ONE -- Some Thoughts About NaNoWrimo

Link TWO -- NaNoWriMo Pre-Plan

Link THREE -- Actual fucking writing of the "Novel"

Check these three links, put your ass in a chair and start writing, cuz 1667 words a day it is.

Good luck and godspeed!