Nov 14, 2015

A Wish

I have not written anything here or anywhere else for that matter because I'm busy with work and trying my level best to drum up a daily word count to make it to 50,000 words by end of November. But I wish to write a long and lazy piece of writing that goes here there and everywhere. I'm going to do it in December.

Life has dug its claws in me and it keeps trying to drag me down. But I'm stubborn in my own way. So I do what I have to do. Right? Wrong? What the fuck does it matter?

My neighbour beats his wife and son every alternate days. Like clockwork. If I don't hear them crying, my day seems incomplete.

And what the fuck is up with cats being assholes?

By the way, how have you been doing? Let me get done with the nanowrimo and we'll sit and chat properly.

Cool? Cool.

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