Mar 20, 2012

A Smoke Filled Bar

The butcher used to hate babies a lot. Now he hated them even more. Because of the wretched baby, he was in a police interrogation room where only a single bulb was fixed on the ceiling and his hands were handcuffed in front of him. There as a cup of coffee in front of him, but it was cold and pathetic machine piss coffee. He hated it too. He sat there for a long time, letting his thoughts go still and he dive inwards into that strange dark place from where dreams took birth. Somewhere in this part of the globe was an old man and he wanted to meet him. 

The sound of the cell door opening and then closing broke his concentration. There was a strange man standing in front of him. He looked less like a police detective but more like an aging rockstar. His white hair was long and he was wearing a faded leather jacket over a black tee and blue jeans. Curiously, there was a guitar case on his back. The butcher gave the man his most murderous and menacing glare but the man just smiled back at him. His smile started from his eyes, that resembled the eyes of an old relative who knew too many stories. He walked up to the table and sat down opposite the butcher. 

"I believe you are here to meet someone," he said as he took out the guitar from its case and started to tune it.

The butcher said nothing. 

"Good you are not speaking. This is no place to talk."

He strummed a chord on his guitar and the room was filled with cheap cigarette smoke, hubbub of conversation and the smell of breakfast in morning. 

The butcher looked at his hands. There was a beer glass in one hand and a cigar in another. 

"This is a place to talk." the old man said.

"Frig me sideways," the butcher muttered. 

The old man sitting in front of him only smiled at him and drank his own beer. 

"Now can we talk business?"

So, they talked business.

While the old man and the butcher talked about their unholy business, Dr. Cin was traveling across the countryside in search of bass. There was only one person who'd be able to read into her dreams. The woman lived in a remote hillside town and she had visited her once before to learn more about some strange dreams she had been having. Those dreams had led her to the pyramids in Egypt and now she needed to find how to open the pyramid. She was not really sure the woman would help her, for it was only the second time in sixteen years that she was visiting her mother. 

In a tower somewhere in middle of a raging sea, X woke up from his dreamless sleep. The sky outside was filled with clouds. It was going to rain again. Rains always made him gloomy and angry. Help was still not here, so he decided to send out another SOS. This one would be heavier than the last one. Even if he had to bleed a bucket for it.

This is Chapter 7! read the other ones on the blog, archive link in side bar :)


  1. no clue where this is going but I'm continuing to read... :-)

  2. suspense.. suspense.. slightly confusing at times but i'm following the story. glad i stumbled on this blog :)