Mar 24, 2012

The Day The Eagle Landed

The eagle circled the black tower. In the nameless, timeless, godless place there were few things that lived the eagle had found its way here through dreams of dead children and broken hopes of lovers left forever alone. The eagle zeroed in on the window in the tower and glided on stale sea air towards it. X felt the presence before he even saw the bird. He went to the window and extended his arm for the eagle. The talons dug in sharp on his arm, but the bird was gentle. There was a small vial attached to the eagle's leg. X took the vial, the bird looked at him, and said "good luck, kid." 

Then, with a small poof, it was gone. The eagle disappeared and X was left with the vial in his hand. There was a small drop of blood in the vial. It floated in the glass chamber without touching its walls, immune to gravity. X crushed the vial in his hand, the glass broke and pierced his palm. His blood mixed with the drop of blood and it shocked his system like a bold of electricity. He fell to the floor as convulsions raked his body, his spine arched and his eyes rolled back in his skull. He could not draw enough air in his lungs to scream and all the came out of his mouth was a guttural sound, exclaiming his pain. Then, the pain stopped. There was a dull throb behind his eyes and he was able to breathe again. He looked at his palm. There was a pyramid tattooed in the skin of his palm. He moved his hand the three dimensional image of the pyramid tattoo also moved. 

A voice, sweet like sin, spoke in his head, "Open the pyramid, set me free."

Strangely, X knew the voice. He needed to get out of here. Even if he had to move mountains and level cities, he'd do it. And fuck the help if she didn't make it to the tower soon. He had the bass and he was going to do some damage with it. 

The butcher was getting ready to do some damage on his own. The old man had given him a motley collection of drugs and soon he was going to sleep the little sleep. The drugs were going to slow down his soul and send him into a sleep where he'd be free to explore the dreamlands and find the black tower. 

And when he found the black tower, he was going to kill X. 


For no particular reason, this is Chapter 11 and the Second Movement of this story arc.


  1. liked this one a lot, dedicated to X more...

    1. hmm, well it's all gonna be about him, soon...

  2. Nice one! Can't wait for the final showdown!

    1. ditto dude, and i have to write that :P