Mar 16, 2012

In The Shadow of the Pyramid

Dr. Cin put on her heavy glasses, put her hair in a loose ponytail, picked the kitten she had won in a bet in a Cairo pub and went out to face the pyramid. It was the same glorious morning when somewhere around the world, a mad old man had walked into a village to sing songs to the children. The village was burning now, but Dr. Cin didn't know this. She was still reeling from the unreal effects from her dream in which a wall of bass had hammered her thoughts and the boy in the tower had screamed just one word, "HELP!".

She felt like she knew the boy, but for the life of her she could not remember where she had seen him. 

Sun was making it's way up in the sky and she knew by the time it reached the it's zenith, it'd be too hot to be outside without any shelter. She walked faster to the site where she hoped her assistance would have set up her equipment. She cradled the little kitten in the crook of her arm and it slept soundly against her breast. Her assistance, a French guy named Abdul, was a prompt worker if anything. He had set up the table just as she had shown him and the speakers were in the right spot. Her Macbook was connected to the system and powered on. 

"Hey Abdul," she smiled at him and handed him the kitten. Abdul smiled back nodded and put the kitten on a pillow that was lying on a nearby table. The cat stirred in its sleep, pawed some invisible mice and went back to sleep on its back. 

Dr. Cin checked that the speaker tubes were placed right on the pyramid's sonic points. She powered the microdrive and a 3D scale model of the pyramid started to float in the air. She re-checked the placement of the speakers and made sure everything was in its place. This moment had taken her more than a week of mathematics, sound modulation studies, architectural analysis and lot of praying. The structure of the pyramid made it impossible to use any of the traditional excavation tools that would damage it beyond repair. She was given a grant to test her theories of using soundwaves to break through the pyramid's locks and release the rubble that had collected inside it from past so many centuries. This was a do or die situation for her project and she absolutely didn't afford to fuck it up. 

She laced her fingers and cracked the joints. 

The sounds she played woke up the little kitten from it's sleep. It looked around confused and bewildered but the noise was coming from everywhere. The pyramid's insides shook slightly. Rubble dislodged from places it had been lodged in for who knows how much time. 

The doctor increased the bass of the music, the pyramid seemed to shake, but it was not enough. A speaker blew itself the Macbook started to emit smoke.

She needed more bass to open the pyramid. She needed the bass she had heard in her dream. She needed to find the DJ.

Did i go slightly sciency in this one? At least no one died!


  1. nice man, love your writing! Became an instant fan! <3

  2. Gonna read the others now :)