Mar 27, 2012

How Things Change

The bottle of  vodka was empty and her kitten was gone. Cin was in the pits. She opened another bottle of vodka and poured it in a shot glass. Her glasses were lost and all she saw was a blurry view of the world around her. The vodka did its work, her brain turned cartwheels in her head and soon, the room was spinning too fast for her to hold on. She fell to the floor in a vodka infused sleep and dreamed. She was going to find that bass and the stupid boy who was sending her the sos messages. 

The butcher woke up in the dreamworld and he was lying on his back in a desert. There was no way he was going to reach the sea from here. He got up and started walking. Something shone at a distance. A distant flash of chrome which left rainbows in its wake. He hazarded a guess and started to walk in the direction of the strange flash of light. It could be a mirage, but it could be anything in this place. The sand shifted and moved under his feet like a living animal but he pressed on. The sun glared down at him like a single eye of a furious god. He pressed on. He saw the shining object clearly now and a smile appeared on his face. It was a gleaming Harley Davidson on the road. Just looking at the bike stung his eyes and made them water. It was a marvelous sight as it stood on the road. A road which stretched from the desert to the sea. He knew it'd lead him to the sea. He got on the bike and kicked it to life. It roared like an angry animal. He liked it. He liked it a lot already. He was going to the beach.

Cin woke up on a beach. An eagle (a seagull?) flew overhead as she opened her eyes. There was the loud sound of surf somewhere and it added to the raging sound of hangover in her head. The other side of the beach was full of green plants of some kind she didn't know the names of. She rolled over and tried to get up. Cool sand squished in her fingers and stuck to her clothes. She wanted to drink some water but she knew that the sea water was not meant for drinking. She got up finally and stumbled away from the beach, into the foliage, looking for a water source. The sea called to her but it was not the water she needed. A pair of eyes watched her from the jungle. The thing watching her held a sharp stone in its hand and warily followed Cin. 

In the black tower, the pressure dropped. There was a noticeable change in the air quality. Things were changing. Fast. X got up from his bed and went to his window. He could feel her somewhere far to the east, she had managed to reach here. He also felt another black presence far in the west, and it was heading towards him. Fast. Things were changing. He hoped they'd change for good. Little did he know that he was going to be wrong. So wrong. 

I missed two days! Shame on me! But here is Chapter 12. Our characters reach a strange dreamlike place. Will they meet up? What happens now? We'll know soon!

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