Jul 30, 2008

Sunday Snipers

The enemy snipers were a fucking rowdy bunch. 

They shot at us even on Sunday.
I was drinking my fourth cup of coffee when a bullet smashed the mug and I was left with a handle in my hand and a mug full of scalding coffee on my newspaper.

The cartoon page was ruined, and so was my half solved Su-Do-Ku.  

That blew my lid off.


I put down my pen and picked up my cellphone. I pressed "1" on speed dial and called up an air strike on the enemy bunkers.

For the next one minute, the sweet "thuff- thuff" of carpet bombs filled the silence of the desert as they dropped on the heads of the enemy. 

Eat this you fucking naughty snipers.

Then I ordered a fresh newspaper and more coffee. 

There are some routines one should not change on a Sunday, just like coffee, Su-Do-Ku and newspaper cartoons.


No paragraphs, just sentences. Why is this in middle of the week, you ask, well, what better time to wish for Sunday :) Just 3 more days!


  1. isnt it great to have an off in the middle of the week..
    n yeah sunday..3 days to go...hahahahaha
    coffee,,,no nps,no su do ko,,,

  2. Loved this! xD
    I'd have also ordered some icecream as compensation ;P Especially since it was a Sunday.

  3. Loved it. It's so true. One shouldn't let sniper riffles ruin your perfect Sunday. Carpet bombing is fun, fun, fun for the whole family (of the victim). :P

  4. Ahhh. The instant pleasure of an air strike....
    "Smells like..like victory"
    Rock on!

  5. air strike..coffee n nfs all day in d bunker.. nw thts sunday!!

  6. Laughed a lot at this one - I used to refer to my kids as enemy snipers on a Sunday morning. Now I can't get the enemy out of bed on any day of the week!