Jul 24, 2008

The second intended story for CON

[This was the second intended story for CON. The real problem was getting the jeans off while riding the bike, then a friend showed me a "stunt video" where this was done. Some bikes do have good balance. Enjoy!]


It was a beautiful night. Dark clouds painted the sky and the moon hid behind them like a coy lover. A bike roared through the night with a girl clad in black gunning the machine for all its worth. The bike's engine vibrated between her legs as the machine ate the road and threw up chunks of darkness behind her. It was just her, the bike and the road. She didn't care where she was coming from or where she was going, there was just the drive.

And so, she drove.

At 60 km/hr she took off her helmet and tossed it into the darkness. Her hair trailed behind her like wild lightening. She shifted the next gear, left the handlebars and with a deft move took off her black leather jacket. The wind took the jacket and for a second it looked like a giant bat following her, and then it was gone. Her black Metallica t-shirt was next to go, and as the wind caressed her naked body the chill in the air made her flesh awash with goose bumps. She lay back on the bike, lifted her legs over the handlebars and in a swift moment her jeans were in her hands. 

Then the rain started to fall, large hailstones fell like rocks on her. Skin bruised and then bled where the hailstones hit her.

"Oh fuck." she thought as the bike skidded and the road opened its arms to meet her.



  1. Ah! Nice descriptions! xD
    A truly liberating drive it was then, wasn't it?

  2. @IG....why not?!

    @LD... liberated from everything ha ha ha...*double grin*