Jul 15, 2008

Drinkoo's Snack

The demon Azeragoth was having a very bad night. He was behind schedule on the killings, he was feeling strangely happy for some weird reason and his amnesia was not helping him remember why the Big Boss was pissed off with him.
His iPhone buzzed in his black leather jacket pocket and the sudden vibration shocked him for a second. He was taking his time getting used to- stupid but useful at times- human technology. He took out the iPhone and saw a reminder on the screen. He put his only nail less and manicured finger on the screen and opened the reminder window.
He ticked "Tortured the rude victim"
He ticked "Showed her sign of hope and freedom."
He ticked "Tripped her with tail as she tried to run away, tied her back to the pole."
He ticked "Ate chicken and drank beer in front of the thirsty and hungry victim."
He ticked "Tore off her fingernails."
He ticked "Tore off her toenails"
He ticked "Hacked her living body into large chunks."
He paused at the next point.
It read, "Fed Drinkoo."
"Awww shit." Azeragoth swore.
"Drinkooooo" he shouted into the sky, "here girl, come to daddy, snack time!!"
A black shape, larger than a Boeing 707, landed with a thud in front of Azeragoth. The ground shook with Drinkoo's weight, her wings created chopped off the trees on either side of her and her breath made the temperature of the whole valley rise by considerable degrees.
Azeragoth kicked the human head high up in the air and a tongue like an anaconda lapped it up from mid-flight.
"Nice catch baby!" Azeragoth shouted, and tossed another piece of human anatomy in the air

"Here sweets, break a leg!"


Some people just don't learn any other way. 

On a side note, the nice Mr Jason Evans is holding the 9th Clarity of Night Short Story Contest. I am going to send my entry, you can find out more about the contest at www.clarityofnight.blogspot.com. Great place to make new friends and learn about writing stories. Give it a shot :)



  1. :))
    well organised demons yours..:))

    like the 'tore off finger/toe-nails' part...
    classic 3rd degree..

    p.s. hope u win :)

  2. one of your best mate. Please don't turn professional or I'll have to pay to read em ;-)

  3. good stuff...fantasy rocks!!\m/

    Scribblers Inc.

  4. Wicked cool! xD
    *throws a raw lung at Drinkoo*

    Loved this.

  5. @KH...
    You should see the excel sheets of sinner's on Aziragoth's laptop! ;)

    Sir, if I ever go pro, I'll send you my writings free of cost, with bottles of vodka ;)

    @Scribbler's Inc...
    Indeed \m/ ;)

    Drinkoo likes lungs, YUM YUM :P

    Thanks for the comments!



  6. aha. back to hungry demons ? :P

    btw dude, thrs a contest happening on BLOGGERATTI. poetry contest, theme being 'Child Abuse'

    it will be judged by an NGO named 'Elaan' which deals with child sexual abuse cases.

    read this -> http://www.orkut.co.in/CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=51446226&tid=5222670821688292601

    for details :)


  7. oh btw, even non-bloggeratti bloggers are invited.andso are non-bloggers.so if u can let ur readers know abt it, great :)