Jul 25, 2008

highway 666

[This is turning out to be a fun week :)]

------------Here we go!----------

I was somewhere on Highway 666 when the fabric of reality broke apart. Where once a road was stretched out, washed bright with the headlights of my bike, now a barren jungle floor shone with morning dew. 

I killed the engine and got off from the bike. This was utterly weird. I was surrounded by dense foliage and I could see small insects, unlike any I had seen, buzz in and out of the leaves. 

I felt stares on the back of my neck and I turned around to find a group of tribal men staring at me. They all held crudely made weapons of stone, wood and roped improvised into various knots. They all stood there with their mouths open, a mixture of fear, awe and respect sloshing in their eyes. I realized they were not looking at me, but my bike which stood behind me. The bike's engine made a 'tik-tik' sound as it cooled. I put a hand in my pocket and thumbed the auto-starter button the bike's key ring. The bike roared to life and the foremost of the tribals shat himself. 

The next moment, every one of them was flat on the ground speaking incoherently in their native tongue. I got on the bike, kicked it in gear and sped off from the forsaken jungle. 

I drove till I reached the speed of sixty six and then I was back on the road, highway 666 to be exact.



  1. you wont believe!!
    a similar thing happened to me while i was driving back from work one night..
    something with the highwayi guess!!;)

  2. and me!!! I was driving back from the pub after several large ones. Can't have been the vodka surely?

    A bit 'Qantum Leap' ish that one. I like.

  3. I love broken reality. Never get it fixed.

  4. I love Highway 666, it's such a cool route. hehe.

    I guess I will say that the same thing happened to me on the way back from Manic Street Preacher's house!! :O

    Must be a SIGN!