Apr 3, 2008

Graw's Head

Graw sat in the sun and cursed the seven gods his mother made him worship when he was a kid. The sun beat down on his shaved head like a golden broom. Graw looked around for some respite from the heat but the streets were deserted and not a spot of shade was to be seen in the street he was in. He hefted his backpack on his shoulder and walked on.

Drops of blood fell from the wet cloth of the back pack and left a trail of red behind Graw. The bag squirmed on his back and Graw swore under his breath. He put the bag down and let loose a volley of mad kicks and stomps on the already beaten bag.

"Don't you fucking dare move head!" he shouted at the bag, "You fucking dare again and I'll eat you myself!"

The bag fell silent like some non living thing. Graw picked up the bag and looked at the street signs for the shop he had been told to visit. After a torturous walk in the blazing sun he found the shop. He pushed the door and a smell of formaldehyde, dirt and cleanliness assaulted his nose.

"Fuckin right" he murmured.

A man magically appeared behind the small counter by the wall and Graw slammed his back pack down on the hard wood of the counter. The bag made a small wet slap. The shopkeeper brightened up at the size of the bag. The bag started to leak blood. The shopkeeper hurriedly took a small notebook from under the counter and cut a receipt to Graw.

Graw pocketed the receipt and turned to leave but right then the shopkeeper made a small sound in his throat. Graw turned and saw the scowl on the shopkeeper's face. The man held up his right hand with two fingers up and a demand on his face.

"Oh, that," Graw said, a bit embarrassed, how could he have forgotten. He went near the table, jammed his hands on the sides of his neck and unplugged his own head with a small pop sound.

"There," said the head on the table to the shopkeeper," now if can you please show my body to the door?"
Two heads for the price of one, Graw got cheated. Did anyone notice? Heh.
Well, editing words all day and then writing your own at the end of the day is a tough titty. 80% of the time one is only editing the previous lines.

Next post will be something other than a story, we'll tell you how to keep track of a gazillion blogs in one go :)


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  2. well this one looks like a 2030 version of 'American Psycho'....
    i m waiting for something reaaaaaaaaaaaaly awesome these days...pls dont prolong the wait a lil too much...

  3. LOL! yeah I noticed that he got cheated! :D
    btw was it his mom's head? The other one I mean! :D


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  5. Hi. Just found you on a Google search. I recently started a project similar to yours. Our styles may be different, but it's cool to see someone else taking on a similar challenge. (Sorry about the similar blog names--an unfortunate but inevitable coincidence.)

    Enjoy writing!