Mar 25, 2008

The Face

Wark had seen many weird things in his life, so he was not shocked a bit when he saw the face. It hung in the air, parallel to his face as he slept. Wark opened his eyes to look into a pair of ghostly eyes staring back at him.

He let out a breath of irritation and then waved his hand through the face. The apparition shimmered and flickered like a bad hologram in a cheap sci-fi movie and became stable like ripple after effect in a pond. Wark got up and the face hovered with him, now hanging above his head like a heavy stone, waiting to fall and crush his brain to pulp. Sleepy eyes and irritated by the intrusion in his life, Wark stepped into his small bathroom and picked up his toothbrush, as he started brushing his teeth he gave a good look to the face now hovering above his head.

The face looked like it was made of blue smoke, barely hanging together in the mortal air. It waved with the little air currents and swung back in its original shape like a spring. Blades of sunlight cut through the dark curtains in Wark's flat, through the lines in the face's ghost skin and through its eyes deep and sunken. Wark slowly brushed his teeth, keeping an eye on the face which was now looking at Wark with the intensity of a hungry dog.

Wark finished brushing his teeth, washed his face and wet his hair. The face watched it all. Wark walked back in his room and sat down on his bed. He fished his shoes from under his bed and took out the rolled socks from them. He smelled them, the pair smelled as pungent as yesterday. He calmly put on the socks, and then the shoes as the face stared on. He warmed up a little by jumping on the spot, did a few stretching exercises, working from his legs to his arms and then his neck. The face hovered on and looked at Wark going thorough the motions.

Finally, Wark turned, took a deep breath, screamed a scream of absolute, mad terrifying terror and ran like hell.

Might as well have good breath and shoes on your feet if you are running away from the supernatural.


I have not been visiting blogs, don't miss me too much. I'll be there, soon. Till then enjoy reading.


  1. Dude dat waz awsum...
    specially the last line...
    rock on dude.....

  2. Although sci-fi is not my cup of tea, i think this one was well written.

  3. Right at the very end there a name came to mind other than Wark. Arnold Rimmer.

    Read the Red Dwarf books. You just described Rimmer to a tee.

    Excellent 'n glad to have you back. When did they let you out then?

  4. see, you young guy..I do not want myself into any kind of cold war, that too with a stanger. Neither I care what you write on any of your blog. Whatever I said was for my friend Jeevy, who is a very special friend of mine..and I care what he writes.

    Whatever you do is none of my concern. Sorry i read your post.
    So u need not to pour motor oil in anybody's ear.I have nothing to do with you.

  5. @Anuj...Rocking on Dude! :)

    @PCE... not exactly scifi, more on absurd comedy horror lines, damn i love making up genres! ;)

    @IG... easy for you to say while hanging upside down! ;)

    @Solitaire... Wark says he doesn't like to called that ;)

    @Mr. Dinners... I tried looking for Red Dwarf, I'm still looking :P But don't you think Wark turned out more like Rincewind? :D

    'they' have not let me out yet, i have been secretly blogging ;)

    @Jyoti... I think I offended you. That was not my intention, well, at least not on this blog, it's motor oil for you then, cuz you read and got offended! :P

    Cheers all!!!!!

    We gonna kick ass this summer. I promise!


  6. haha,.. that is just funny :-)
    One of your good ones :-)

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  8. *almost falling off the bed laughing* (hanging by the quilt :D)

  9. I have no interest for sci-fi, truth be told!
    But that was bloody hilarious! :D

  10. this ones freakin awesome N! i have been comin here for sometym but been too lazy to leave comments... cudnt resist for thsi one tho... loved it... <3

    Cheers mate!

  11. Pretty good, nicely done. Pity it didn't blow smoke rings at the same time.. :)

  12. wOah~! wat a guy... damn funny. ^^

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