Apr 8, 2008

Reading a Gazzilion Blogs With Google Reader!

Hey all, I was talking to a friend few days back and he told me that he reads blogs the old fashioned way by going from link to link in his blogroll. Amazing! I thought. It's like dialing up in the age of broadband...then I talked to a few more friends, and a shocking realisation dawned.

People do not know about Google Reader.

Now, I know that as readers of A Story A Day all of you are super cool and at the cutting edge of the latest technology but, BUT, there are still too many people who do not know about Google Reader, and there are those who know about it but are not using it!

So, here are my two rupees, check out Google reader NOW and believe me, reading blogs would never be the same again :)

How does it work do I hear you say?

Well, without going into the technical details look for the small square orange icon that you see at so many places on the web, on blogs, news sites and well, some of our high tech porno sites too. That small icon is the symbol of a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed and you can use an external feed reader or Google reader to subscribe to that feed and receive updates from that website.

Google Reader uses your Gmail ID to log into and once logged in, its all pretty self explanatory, you just shove in the URL of the blog/news site/ porn site you wanna 'subscribe' to and voila! you are done.

Build a list of your favourite blogs and every time a blog updates you can read it through your feed reader without the bother of going to the URL to check for updates. Though, ofcourse be nice enough to go and leave a comment on the blog, IFF you like what you read.

And, now, in bulleted points some advantages of Google Reader:
  • An organized list of blogs.
  • It remembers the blog and the URL, even if you forget.
  • You can star a post for reading later.
  • You can email a post you like to your friends because,well, Sharing is Caring.
  • Make separate folders for Blogs, News Sites and :) Porn sites.
  • Display your chosen blogs in the side bar of your blog!> like in mine, check in the sidebar
  • User friendly interface.
  • Google reader keeps all old posts in its archive so even your favorite author goes mad and decides to delete the blog, well, you still have all them steller posts ;)
  • Besides...It's Google, It's fun!(C)
You can subscribe to the feed of A Story A Day by clicking on the small orange icon marked "clicky clicky" or just cut and paste the URL of this blog in the "Add Subscription" part of Google Reader.

And there we go, All done. So, if you are still not using Google reader, what are you doing here?! Go here!

And for fuck's sake switch to Firefox :P


Stories will resume soon i.e., when I get a few comments on what you thought of this post :)


  1. Thanks for the information man... I think I can put myself in the well informed group now...thanks a gazzillion:)

  2. hhahaha....ok sir points noted...

    -those who knoe-dont use it-category

  3. dude u could have mentioned that stupid friend of urs was ME! :(
    heh! I still am not using it man! :D


  4. Heard of it but never tried it. Will give it a shot. First time to your site. Thanks for the info! :-)

  5. But I like travelling round in my steam powered blog surfer :-(! I like to look at pikchers too!

    I like your stories best! :-)

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  7. I'm just an old fashioned girl. Tried GR but I miss knocking on doors! Firefoxy rocks though.

  8. hi dude. got to know abt ur blog thru another blogger frnd of mine. i really find ur posts interesting. the stories are really weird. they keep me hooked till the very end...in the end i feel like a real popat [:p], but its really fun to read.

    u inspired me to try something in the same genre. here's what i came up with.


    do drop a comment. :)

    keep writing


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. just switched to firefox as it happens. Dunno why. Just thought the fox was cute.

    Being technologically inept I haven't a clue what yer on about so I'll give it a go. Whatever it is....

  11. Hell, I should give that a try. There is so much to keep up with and I've been too busy to try it but maybe it will make things easier.

  12. You are so young, good luck with your next 50 years.

  13. lol!!! thankoo for the info dude....I got my blog addy changed ...check it out!!

  14. But I like to do it the 'long way'. I get the sense on, well, wandering around, bumping into thoughts and stuff.
    Rock on!

  15. Oh my gosh, I don't think I can take all this change! It makes me want to cling to my typewriter.

  16. @DG-don't mention it man :P

    @IG-better make a move to the other catagory!

    @Impressionist-You sir are at the other end of the stupid bridge! ;)

    @Dave- I'm sure you'll like reader and this blog, iff you don't, well.. :P

    @ Jon- Thanks sir! To each his own I'd say :)

    @ Minx- Ah well, firefox is well, another story :) check the cool blogging add ons they have!

    @CRD- hah, you said something real cool without even realising it :P and its not about getting impressed with me :P

    @Mr Dinners- Sir, the fox is indeed cute and damn nifty when it comes to getting things done! :)

    @BBC- Nice! New tech man, GR rocks like anything :) Well, thanks for the good luck, i'll need it!

    @Rex- Long or short, as long as you find it easy reading blogs its all cool!

    @Jay- Hey, thanks for the visit! Typerwriters are cool! Think i still have one stashed back in a storeroom :)


    Really enjoyed your responses!