Mar 9, 2008

You, Me And Tea

Siftir dipped the biscuit in a cup of hot tea.

In out, repeat.

Strapped in his electric chair, Urgum watched her silently. His eyes fixed on the biscuit in Siftir's hand. His stomach grumbled and a spoonful of saliva coated the insides of his dry mouth. He swallowed it and almost coughed in the effort.

A smile curled up the corner of Siftir's mouth. She picked up the cup of tea with one hand, as her biscuit hand hovered on the surface of the scalding liquid. She brought the biscuit to her lips. Steam curled from the soggy piece and a drop of tea plopped back in the cup. A second later the biscuit broke slowly in half and like a glacier falling into the sea, it dropped in the cup of tea.

"Oops'' a sound escaped Siftir's lips and she crunched the remaining half of the biscuit in her mouth.

She took another sip of the sweet tea, put her hand on the lever that would bring the electric chair to life, and asked Urgum, "Any last wishes Kiddo?"
No story in the world is complete, can a short story be any different?
I hope none of you ever have to stay hungry or thirsty :]
I'm going slightly mad.
La la.
Where my biscuits?!


  1. That left me hungering for more

  2. But were they Rich Tea? They're known as 'one dips' Rich Tea are. Dip 'em and they fall to bits in your cup.

    Now Hob Nobs. Different class of biscuit is yer Hob Nob. They're like the Marines of the biscuit world. The Steven Seagal of dippers. Dip 'em all yer like and they come back for more.

    "Dip me!"
    "Dip me!"
    "Dip me!"
    "I'm going nowhere son! Dip me!"
    "Dip me!"

    They take half yer brew! Yer look down into yer cup 'n it's "Where's me brew gone?!"

    I'll go n take me medication now....

  3. Very disturbing and sad for me... but hey that is the mood i'm in today, "Disturbed and Sad". :(