Mar 17, 2008

Banana Soul

Jorwak worked the knife and carved a piece of flesh from the palm of his right hand.

The wound immediately filled with blackish blood, he didn't even mutter a sigh. He took the small square of flesh and placed it in the center of the pentagram enclosed in the circle. Then, he placed his bloodied palm on the edge of the circle and muttered an incantation. A small red lightening bolt flashed inside the circle and struck the piece of Jorwak's flesh.

The offering was accepted and the summoning was successful.

Then, Jorwak started screaming. He cursed the stars and stone and everything living and dead. The wound in his palm hurt like a motherfucker and the effort of bottling up the scream for the past 30 seconds had turned his face red. He should have been careful with that knife.

"Stop being such a pansy girl." a voice shook Jorwak from his rage filled screams. He looked at the circle and saw a small demon in a business suit pacing around the lines of the pentagram.

"let's get to business kid, I don't have all night to answer flesh summons." the demon said.

The fact that Jorwak looked on the worse side of a hundred and sported a snow-white beard, did nothing to dissuade the demon from giving Jorwak a look one keeps aside for irritating children.

Jorwak composed himself and stifled another scream in his throat.

"I...I want bananas." he said, surprised at what he had just said.

More surprise came his way when he spoke the next words. "I want six bananas and I'm willing to give my soul for it."

"Allright, starlight." said the demon as he grinned and produced a small blood tester from his pocket. The demon touched the needle to the blood in the circumference of the circle, smiled at Jorwak and vanished with a small poof.

Jorwak stared at the six bananas left in the magical circle. He picked one up, peeled it and took one bite.

It tasted good.

Fuck writing good, fuck writing bad, let's just write. Right?


  1. what????
    that was just absurd... :-S
    didnt make much sense at all... :-(

  2. dude
    what happened 2 the other five bananas
    n what happened to the guy who ate it???
    and what about his soul???
    and what about the demon in d fancy business costume???

  3. I like bananas.

    Have you found my plot? Lost it yonks back and just wondered....

  4. By the way, this is so good it's verging on genius.

    Get published old bean.

  5. too many loose ends in that one

  6. Hmmm... I'd sell my soul for a Death By Chocolate icecream today.. Or is it useless because I'd already be dead (by chocolate)??

  7. Ava banana! Was he tricked ? or did he just love bananas?

  8. Rajji...
    Yes!! I never said I wanted to make sense ;)

    Hey maybe you can write a part 2 of this! ;)

    Mr Dinners...
    The plot is that there is no plot, I lost it too! (: Old bean might get published it only I can get up off my lazy fattening ass :P


    And how dare I say otherwise! ;)

    Free Sherry...
    Heh, you haven't read the others :P this is how we roll on this blog :)

    I'd sell my soul for sex on the beach. ;) At least i'd be having sex when i die! ;)

    Tricked!! Double Tricked! :D
    You da man, who got it!

    Cheers all!!!