Feb 27, 2008

The Long And Short Of It

If winning isn't important, why do they keep the score?

Heylo there dear readers!

I have been doing something dangerous for the past few days. And, what better place to confess my sins than the open and unbiased platform of this blog. This 'thing' is more dangerous than drugs, or unsafe sex, or love, or a meteor falling on your head from the depths [heights?] of outer space.

I have done it and I have done it for quite some days now and that 'thing' is...thinking.

I have thought and I have thought a lot. I suggest for the health of your brain cells and your soul's sanctity, don't think. It is bad. It is dangerous and once you start doing it there is no stopping it, or yourself from doing it. So, I say here on record that I'm completely and vehemently against thinking. Right, that was the short of it [keep an eye on this space, because the thinking is bound to have side effects.]

Now, for the long of it.

The long being that, Clarity Of Night, is a cool blog by writer and photographer, Mr. Jason Evans [who looks too much like Sting, but that's just what I think].

So, as anyone who has been reading a blog or twenty would know that Jason holds a contest for short stories writers every few months. The amount of thought and expertise of many of those people makes me want to run to Tibet and become a monk. But still, it's just great reading all the stories and getting to know so many great writers out there.

The latest contest that Jason has held is called 'Whispers' and the rules are the same as earlier. One picture, 250 words and one week's deadline. Oh, and cash prizes for winners.[ Ok! now you have started paying attention!] .

Yours truly has taken part in the last four Clarity Of Night contest and has very proudly not won any prizes in them,[so far!] and now my entry for the fifth contest is also up. So, I suggest you go to Jason's blog, have a look at the stories, read mine, and leave me some love[read comments;)].

Oh, and in case you can whip up something before the deadline, which is now less than 24 hours,[yes, you can do it, I did it once too], you will make me very very proud :).

And here are the links to my previous gold nuggets for the contest. Every story weirder than the one before it, cuz, well, so is life, each day is weirder than the one that went by. For your reading pleasure, [hey come on, each one is less than 250 words], so go read!

January 2007, Silent Grey Contest-Entry#11--The Shaman's Call
[One year back, damn!]

April 2007, Endless Hour Contest- Entry#43-- The Dirty Rose
[When some things were drawing to an end in life, and other things beginning]

July 31, Halo Short Story Contest- Entry#49-- The Most Curious Night In The Jungle
[Did I write this a work? can't remember!]

November 2007, Restless Dawn Contest- Entry#1-- Dragonfly's Breakfast
[Early bird on this one, got the worm, no prize :P]

And The Latest!
February 2008, Whispers Contest, Entry #53-- Her Arms Reach For The Sky
[Wrote this one sober and in a weird mood]

Thats about it from my side, congrats for reading this far! :D most people gave up on the short of it. Looking at these five stories, and how they are in company of some very cool short stories on the net, even though I never won anything for any of these stories, I still feel a certain sense of pride.

That alone makes me say with confidence, that keeping scores doesn't matter, but playing the game does.

Cheers and Keep Rockin!



  1. Its not about winning bro!
    its all about the participation! :)
    I have never participated in any such competitions! :(


  2. Heylo,
    C&H on ur sidebar? - me likes! :D ur gold nuggets for the weekend only 'i think' ;) O common...250 X 5 is a lil too much fr me in one shot at this time! for now i jus wanna say 'gud job buddy!' :)

  3. read urs on whispers.. me participated too. left a comment there

  4. cool...well it is about the "spirit" in which u participate!
    pun intended!

  5. you are right.... thinking IS dangerous :)
    and.. hey, who says winning isnt important? :-)

  6. Whaaaaaaaat?????? You haven't won yet??????

    FIX!!!!! I demand a recount!!!!

    I try not to think. Strange things happen when I think.

    I think.