Feb 12, 2008


The scream crashed into the silent shores of the night like a tidal wave.  As abruptly as it had begun it dissolved into a mad giggle of two voices coming closer and closer to each other.

The two girls moved through the cover of people in the party like sharks swimming through innocent surfers. Their designer bags dangling on slender manicured fingers, and the martini glasses precariously balanced in the other they dissolved in the shadow of an embrace, air kissing each other cheeks.

"Oh my gwaaad, LOOK at you." Said one, capitalizing the one word in her speech.

"Me?" said the other "Look at you." She threw in her italics hoping the other would notice.

Night moved on, glancing over meaningless conversations, and empty bottle of alcohol, some of it in the humans, most of it out. She saw a woman pin a man against the back of a door as she kissed him feverishly, her husband waiting outside in the parking lot.

She saw the sweeper clean up the detritus of reputations, all broken and splintered by the weapons of conversations. Night released the fragrance of jasmine flowers in the cool winter air and sat back at her helm watching the humans, live, love, die and pass through her once more.

The sun started to rise but Night didn't pay any attention. Morning coughed lightly, "May I?" She asked.

Night smiled and got up from the easy chair to turn on the coffee machine.


If someone is confused enough because they can not see the point of the above words, well, relax and enjoy the images, there is no point.

On another note, these are weird times for me, as a writer, as a blogger, as a human being. A questioning phase of life and I don't want to see the answers. But, whatever life might throw on me, it can not stop a story whose time has come.

HA! Fuck you life!


  1. Loved the images presented. The italics and capitals bit was delicious. The detritus of reputation by the weapons of conversations -or something- was just amazing. Keep going, hombre.

  2. Mocking the party-goers...Well how could you express girl's conversations so aptly? huh!! doubts... :P

  3. The images are good. Especially the air kissing one. I was kinda thinking what could be going on till it became clear. :P And the moon turning off the coffee machine.

  4. @Manic..ah, the part you likes, its somewhat inspired by some lines from the rape of the lock :) glad you liked.

    @Mishtizaa...humm, let's just say i have heard my fair share of girls talk ;)

    @puresunshine...thank you.even i didn't know what was going on till the night turned to day ;)

    Cheers and thanks for the kind words :)


  5. i absolutely adored the last line....
    "Night smiled and got up from the easy chair to turn on the coffee machine."
    just brilliant!!