Feb 3, 2008

Another Personal Post--Conversations

[[Warning: A post written by a sober blogger in the moments of deep contemplation while listening to Mozart and Bach. The text below contains supreme examples of razor sharp editing and all the information that your parents and the government always hid from you. Read at your own risk, YOU have been WARNED--N]]

Ladies and fucking gentlemen!  This is the post where we take back the blog from life's cruel and unforgiving jaws. The more observant of you must have noticed the basic stripping down of all the clutter in the sidebar [in case Your links has been taken down, drop me a word and i'll link ya back]. I took down some widgets and some pics and shit on the good advice of big man Jevvy from Center Of Eternity. So what is the future plan for this blog now that i have a job and not as much free time as i used to have with my earlier job. well yes, you got it right, i'm shutting shop and shipping out. Gonna delete this blog and say fuck off to blogspehere. i mean what the fuck are we all accomplishing here? No-fuckin-thing. haha.

But however strong the temptation might be to burn it all u and dance around the flames, something always pulls me back to the blogs, that thing is YOU! Allow me to elaborate, there are many things in life which have to be done without any rhyme reason or any kind of support or plan b to fall back on, you gotta jump off bridges and pray that you will grow wings and learn flying on the way down. Writing the stories here has been something akin to bungee jumping without the rope, always been too fubar to be anything else. Ah well,  I'm exaggerating, this is just another blog, and I am not letting you people off any soon without subjecting you all to worst kind of fucked up literature ever imagined by a human mind.

When I started this blog one reason was that i was a pissed off lil kid working on an internship in a newspaper, they gave us net access and i decided to thoroughly abuse it and misuse it, but instead of downloading porn like i should have, i made this blog, first as a personal and then one day i wrote something stupid here, followed it up the other day, Zedekiah was the first commenter I think, and she goes to blame for starting it all off. this was in the summer of 2006. June to be precise to some degree.

Things have changed since then because this is what things do, they change, like people and places and times and what not, everything changes, and this blog changes a lot, at least we change the header a lot, i mean i know many people right now are going WTF with the butterflies but hey thats the true spirit of FUBAR!

So, the changes will continue and the plan is to write at least two stories every week now, more if time and office fatigue permit. It can be very easy for me to come back from office eat my dinner, fire up the net and watch some porn or check my mail, chat with few people and then go to sleep, sounds easy but who the fuck wants to do easy things?

The problem here is not that there are no ideas for writing stories, but the problem is countering laziness....we all have that, some more than others, so many dead blogs can not be wrong. Yeah, there are other reasons for dead blogs I know, many in fact, but laziness does come in the top three for sure. Many times people just run out of things to say.

Where as I still have a lot to say and a lot of stories to tell, even though i doubt that many of you are reading up to this point, its 4.18 AM and i'm a bit bit high on the sleep thingie, the ramble bamble kinda state when you are nearing sleep. I promised myself that when i get a laptop i'll write a lot of stories, i have been lazy, i'm pulling up the socks, getting them fingers warmed up and prepared to write. Many stories are untold, many worlds unvisited, many souls unclaimed, and body count still too low for the start of the year. gosh.

i'm rambling, fuck it. i want to ramble tonight [? today] one major change that i'm making in this blog is that this is not going to show up on google search anymore, i have my vile motives for this, one of them being that prospective employers many time do a "search" of the employee names, and i don't want my stellar stories to be showing up with search of my name, and getting not hired/fired or something in return. Another reason is that this blog just doesn't offer what searchers are looking for, i don't need five second visitors for this blog who are looking for ways to commit painless suicide [this one gets the max hits till now, title of the post i did some time back],i'd much rather have someone with a blog subscribing to the rss feed and reading and commenting here.

Also, in the coming few weeks, i'd probably start writing with my real name, many of you know it, many of you don't. I like Nothingman [one of the best songs by Pearl Jam] but i think having a real name up front helps communicate better and we are all here for communicating if we strip internet down to the basic fundas.

So, these things decided>> More crazy stories, google off from the blog and real name.

Right, any other suggestions are always welcome, if you are shy and don't want to comment, you can always mail me at frozenblood1 at yahoo.com

everything settled? Yup, pretty much. let's take storytelling back from life!

ciao and goodnight:)



  1. No wonder I didn't find you by googling you? Thank god I remembered this blog's name. :)

    I hope you keep posting, because I like to read your stories.

    Well keep them coming, old chap ;)

  2. Dude its JEEVY not JEVVY :(
    and also its "centre" of eternity not "Center" I made a spelling mistake while choosing the blog link! :D


  3. yo where's the poetry blog?

    you dare shut this thing down...I know where you live and I'll get you!
    you bet your *** I will.

  4. Pshaw.
    You kidding? I don't think you're the sort who'd go about deleting blogs. :/

    Or maybe I didn't read correctly.

    Oh and er, are you serious about the watching porn bit? :P

  5. Yes that phase of deleting the blog,I guess we all face it, but good you didnt delete it,blogs really help.Dont they?

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  7. I was reading through your archives this morning as I had some time off from work (saying this so you don't think I am stalking you! LOL) and in one of the posts, you mentioned about deleting your blog. Can't remember which year/month it was in but I'll mention it here.

    I guess we all go through a phase of "i will just delete my blog" and we do. I think it's one of those turning points in life when we have to change direction or the fate will twist us. Some shit like that.