Feb 15, 2008


The big tower chimed twelve times. A wolf howled in the mountains on cue and the moon stumbled through the streets of cloud fogged night.

The little girl Shrina looked at Urf with her sad eyes full of questions.

"Urf, what are we going to do now?"

Urf slipped another bullet in his sawn off shotgun, and said, "Honey, we are going to kick some ass."

The man called Urf shoved the shotgun in a leather holster hanging on his back and checked his Magnum .38, clicking off the safety and walked into the damned circle.

Cold hate and boiling anger collect in a small vial which is the heart if the creature which lay in the darkness watching the man and the girl walk into the circle. The stench of life made the creature gag, its guts rushed for an exit from its mouth but then the creature slammed its face into the snow crusted ground. Bone broke, blood spluttered out and the snow took a shade of dirty crimson.

Urf tensed at the sound and swung out his shotgun from its leather holster, his heart thudded in his chest like a sledgehammer on overdrive, the little girl stuck to him like his mutated Siamese twin. He saw something move to the edge of his vision, something big, ugly and coming at him. Fast.

Three things happened then.

Urf screamed. Shrina screamed and the night was filled with chaos as Urf pumped bullet after bullet into the creature's scaly hide, its face a mangled mess of blood, tissue and broken bones. Breathing hard and panic riding high on his back, Urf took his .38 and emptied the entire clip into the creature's gaping hole of a head.

Shrina cried and cried as the saw the horror unfold in front of her. "Urf, please find my mother and lets leave this ghastly place."

The creature hiding in the darkness slowly picked itself from the snow and watched the stranger fill one of its kind with bullets. Its eyes focused on the little girl with the man holding the gun.

The matchstick of an emotion long lost struck the sandpaper of its soul and creature surprised itself with the one word, "Daughter."


Ehm, we are just letting out steam here, so bear with us. Do not try to understand the above story, cuz, well frankly, it doesn't make any sense. Does it?


  1. yea.. it doesn't make any sense.
    **Hit behind the ear with a sock full of wet sand**

    P.s. got ur link frm TToT

    p.p.s. u've a nice blog :)

  2. whoompish gibberish....

  3. upto a point...it made perfect sense...
    only the end spiraled....
    but if u hadn't mentioned it..i'm sure atleast 70% who read it would have come up with some kind of explanation to force the story to make sense...

  4. There were two of them, then?

    I liked reading this a lot.

  5. yeah..Knatchbulley Hughzscene i agree with you.it doesn't make any sense. BTW i enjoyed your post very much.

  6. Always a pleasure and an inspiration.