Mar 19, 2014

Is this insomnia?

There is a brilliant Megadeth song called Insomnia. While Dave was writing that song, he visited medical classes to learn more about the disorder and there he learned that insomnia is not the inability to fall asleep, but the inability to stay asleep. A person with insomnia might wake up up to ten times a night. 

Or something like that. You can look it up, the story is out there on the Internet. 

In Fight Club, our humble narrator also suffers from insomnia and spends his nights ordering shit he doesn't need from late night television shopping networks. Palahniuk does a really great job of describing the physical as well as mental condition of someone who is suffering from insomnia. There is a certain beauty to it. 

I should've been asleep now but I'm writing this on my phone. I just realized that the text on this app doesn't scroll as you type under the keyboard. Feature bug? I don't care. 

I'm still in delhi and I am slowly accepting the fact that I might have to be here for the coming considerable time. I don't have to like it, though. But I guess if I hate this city a bit less, it can be helpful. 

It's funny that no matter how old you grow and however much experience you have in dealing with shit, there is always new shit that you can learn. 

Anyway, I hope that I am not an insomniac. Sounds cool, but sucks to be one. 

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