Mar 10, 2014

Does your name suck?

I tweeted something about names yesterday. How our primary name that is on all documents and that is almost everything that we associate ourselves with. It's a pretty fucking important sequence of words and sounds. Right, it is 'almost' the only thing constant and consistent from the moment we're named to the moment we take our last breath.

So, your name, is pretty fucking important. Now consider this: you had no fucking say in choosing your name. What if your parents secretly hated you and gave you a shitty name? What if they were not as creative as you are, and they gave you a run of the mill name? What if the pandit who chose the first letter of your name from some ancient book was fucked out of hit wits on some drugs?

All I am saying here that it is pretty much possible that you got a raw deal when it comes to the most important word in your life; your name.

This is the reason why many people go for a name change later in life, because they know and understand that they got a rough deal here. Now, going for a name change comes with its share of problems. All the documents address you with your old name and people know you with your old name. I mean, one day you're a Neha or a Gaurav and the next day you tell people that your name is Azifucktooth or Bhambarbhoosa. That just doesn't scan, right?

I think we should be allowed different names for different games. For school, maybe kids can have some shitty studious name, but for their college years, something cool and awesome and for their office years when they've to be all responsible and shit, they should have some responsible name. Right? I don't know.

What do you think? You wanna change you name? huh? Really? What would your cool name be?