Mar 6, 2014

Cubicle Monkey in a Rat Race

At times , realizations hit you all of a sudden. 

It's not a gradual process like getting fat, guess that's why they are called sudden realizations. There is nothing like a gradual realization because those are not fun either. 

You can see those coming from miles away. 

I had a sudden realization this morning. Which was this: as I don't have a job anymore, I'm not a part of the rat race. 

I go out of house and I see people of my age, losing their hair, their health, their mental peace over what? Money? A fake sense of stability? Some kind of bragging rights over their friends? 

If it's about making money, then doing a job is a lazy fucking way to go about it. There is no stability in any kind of job either. Your boss can fire you at any moment

It took me seven years to realize this. 

Why? Because I was fucking stupid and in many ways I still am. 

When you're doing a job, you're not making money. You're getting paid a set amount for your skills. Your boss is the one making increasing amount of money from your hard work, time and efforts. Your boss is making money by leveraging your mental well being, your youth, and everything good you have. 

For real. 

And you're supposed to be thankful for that? Are heart problems in your early thirties worth any amount of money? Is losing your fucking hair worth a promotion? Is dying early worth any xyz types of words before your name? If you say yes, then let me pay you whatever money you want and let me just kill you right now. Right? Because that's what you're doing to yourself, but in a gradual manner and when your sudden realization hits you, it just might be too late. 

I hope these words raise questions in your mind. Because for all I know, I might end up doing a job whenever my money runs out and whenever I come back to read this post, I should and must feel like putting in my papers. 

Consider this my timebomb to myself. 

I fucking hate cubicles