Sep 26, 2013

You are not that great


You are not that great.

Actually, none of us is really very great. The fact that you have time to read this and I have time to write this simply means that we are not using our time in the best possible manner.

Of all the things we have, time is the only thing that is perishing away at an increasing rate. Every moment that passes means you've less time to live. Like the saying goes, RIGHT NOW is the youngest you'll ever be.

I also like to think of it as -- once your exit your mother, it's a downhill ride into earth or fire.

Have you ever studied any of the productivity books? All that GTD stuff, Kanban, To-Do lists, productivity matrixes n shit, yeah? Maybe you have, maybe you have not. But all these techniques just aim to do one thing, to make people do work. Do work that is useful. Work that means something. Work that can maybe help them and others and make some money along the way and leave the world a bigger, brighter place.

BUT, at the same time, all those productivity methods are in place, because the default nature of man is to NOT do the work. You don't need a to-do list to breathe, eat, fuck or shit.

Man was designed to hunt in jungles, wear animal skins and live to 30-40 and make space for the next batch. We were not meant to sit in chairs and type shit because if we were, we'd all have more fingers than ten.

As world has progressed and life spans have increased, there is less space, more specialization and very few of us would be able to survive in a jungle environment. The lack of Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and toilet paper would kill most of us in a day or two.

Crux: Stop thinking that the sun shines out of your asshole. Because it does not. You're crap like the rest of us.