Sep 19, 2013

cranky mood post

Every day that I don't update this blog, it's on the back of my mind. So the natural question that arises is that why I don't update this blog? The lack of thoughts is not a problem, the lack of time is not a problem anymore, the lack of will? Maybe.

It's a confused fudge state of thinking where nothing makes sense and the life around you is not moving at the same pace that you want to move and it's all a slow, burning, chaos.

I read about an experiment where they waited some 67+ years or something for a drop of pitch to drop into a beaker. The dude who was in charge of this experiment died in the meanwhile, without having seen the pitch actually drop.

I miss the old days of this blog every day. Maybe when this blog was younger and so was I. More than anything else, the tensions were less and the atmosphere was electric. Perfect for creativity. Now I do a "job" all day and that kinda just sucks the fun out of writing. Maybe I was never meant to be a writer.

But if so, then fuck it. I don't care. I set out to do certain things, I did them. Consequences and results be damned.

I've told many many stories on this blog. Hundreds of them and now I feel that the well has run dry.

Even writing that sentence feels like ashes in my mouth, but I am not going back to delete it. Fuck it, as I said above.

I am going to free this blog from its story writing chains and make it about anything and everything that comes to mind. If the stories come, they're more than welcome to be here, but till they don't, I'll shoot my mind off about whatever the fuck interests me.

Consider this a warning or whatever, because I am not a happy boy and I need to vent. 

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  1. We will read the fuck out of your blog anyway. just dont stop writing!