Sep 21, 2013

About NOT giving a fuck.

We're an angry lot, man.

Every day, people are not giving fucks about a lot of things. People don't give fucks about the environment, the planet, the world, their parents, the animals, the music, the news and shit lot of things, when you come to think of it.

Every day, you can find someone making hateful noises in their real and virtual space that they don't give a fuck about a certain thing/person/behavior/whateverthefuck.

This is completely and absolutely wrong.

These people who say that they don't give a fuck about things are motherfucking liars. Why? dear Pallav, , you ask, who died and made you the absolute authority on the capability of people to not give a merciful fuck about things?

No one actually.

It's based on my own experiences and my failure to NOT give a fuck about things. I kept thinking to myself that I don't give a fuck about most things, but then I realized that I WAS giving a fuck about those things. Just that those things were not in the background of my mind, but they were still there. Now there are people who say that they don't give a fuck about say, Bollywood, (good enough topic to not give a fuck about). But then the same people religiously follow every Bollywood related account on Twitter, read about Bollywood in magazines and find out ten thousand ways to declare Bollywood as corrupt and useless. They'll troll movie stars and directors, write blog posts declaring the reason why a movie fucking sucked.

Though, fuck all that, here's a picture of Deepika Padukone looking fucking fantastic.

You don't give a fuck about things, by NOT giving a fuck about them. Figure it out yourself.