Dec 6, 2012

The Gift - Part 1

The link came to Razvik in an email.

"Pick the keyboard from this place"

Just one sentence with a GPS location.

The address that the email came from was all numbers and hashes. He sent an reply to that address to ask who it was but the email bounced back to him instantly. He was curious. Had he played some contest on Twitter? Or some draw of luck on Facebook? He could not recall, there were so many of those damn things these days. 

Razvik looked at his watch. He had some time free from office. He checked the GPS address on his phone and saw that this was a shop somewhat at the periphery of town. He could go there and make it back before lunchtime was over. 

He decided to pick up his gift. It was free and after all, what was the worst that could happen?

He drove to the location said on the map and it was an empty plot of land. Not exactly empty, there was a small tent propped up at some distance from the road. He put the hand-brake on his car and walked towards the small tent. The sudden heat of the day made him sweat at once and his shirt was sticking to his back. He was out of breath by the time he reached the small tent, it was farther than it looked. What could be a keyboard doing in a place like this? Was this some new kind of social media stunt? Fucking interns, making things weirder and weirder. 

He put his hands on his knees and bent down, breathless, breathing hard from his mouth. Maybe someone in the tent had water. He lifted the small flap that went for a door and looked inside the tent. 

His brain did a small, scared shuffle in his skull.

There was a complete hall inside the tent, while from the outside it looked barely enough to hold a table and a chair. His brain told him in a shy, scared voice to get the fuck out of there,but he had come so far and he didn't want to go back without his gift. Because there was a market inside the hall.

People dressed in wonderful clothes were buying things and trading and heckling with each other in languages that made no sense to him. He took out his phone from his pocket. He felt an urgent desire to Instagram this shit, but the apps on his phone were gone. Except the Google Maps app was there. What kind of techno wizardry was this. He opened the maps app and saw his location was ten feet away from a stall where his gift, the keyboard, was supposed to be.

He walked up to the stall.

"Hello?" he asked.

A girl rose from behind the counter of the stall. She was the most beautiful girl Razvik had ever seen. He forgot what he had come here for. Then she was asking him something. Her beautiful lips formed the words that  reached his ears on their own lazy pace.

"Are you here for the keyboard, Razvik?"

Her voice was soft as honey on a toast on a Sunday morning.

Razvik was in love. Which was the least worst thing that happened to him that day. 

What happens to Razvik? We'll know tomorrow in part two :D

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