Dec 12, 2012

The Gift - 3 - The Room With The Girl

Razvik felt like he was choking. Even though he was not. 

The bag on his head only added to his feeling of claustrophobia. 

He was being carried. Through the hustle and bustle of the market. Then, the sounds of the market drifted away and there was only sporadic sounds of the market, as if somewhere far away. Someone slammed him down in a chair and put his hands on a table in front of him. 

Then, silence.

The bag was lifted from his head and the brightness of the room hurt his eyes. He winced and put his hands up to shield his eyes. There was someone standing in the doorway, silhouetted by the light coming from outside. 

"Hello?" Razvik called out.

And the girl from the shopping market walked in. She was wearing an office skirt and a coat and the sight of her made Razvik forget all his fear and pain for that time.

"Hi," she said as she walked towards him, like an angel from the doors of heaven. He felt himself falling and rising in love once again.

She had a package in her hand.

"You dropped this in the market."

"What is this? And what happened in the market there? Those guys, who were they?"

"Look," she bent down and looked into his eyes, "I really don't have the time to explain this. Just open the packet and get cracking and you might get to see me again. I have to go now."

There were loud sounds beyond the room and the girl looked up and with concern writ large on her face. 

"I have to go,Razvik. Open the package. Do what it says."

"But, wait, I've to get back to my office!"

"There is no office, dude. Not anymore. Open the package."

Her voice drifted off as she ran towards the door and slammed it shut on her way out.

Razvik was left in the room with the package. He started to tear open the paper that covered it. He tore the paper off the box and opened it. The keyboard slid out of the box like something alive.

A small screen popped up from the top of the keyboard. 

"Press any key" flashed on the screen.

Razvik pressed ESC.

And the world around him exploded.


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