Dec 7, 2012

The Gift - 2 - Love In The Market

"I want to fuck you."

The words tumbled out of his mouth before his mind could reign them in. He stood in a minor shock, waiting for her to slap him. She put a hand on her mouth and started to giggle.

"I'm so sorry. Oh god, i am so fucking sorry," Razvik mumbled, color rose in his cheeks and the words he spoke were a mumbled mess.

"It's okay," she smiled back at him, "I've heard worse than that. Happens to everyone who sees me for the first time."

He smiled at her stupidly, there was something about her that was making him lose all reason and thought, like getting drunk through his eyes. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. There was something about a keyboard and the apps on his phone. 

The gift!

"Ah, um, i am here for a gift...I got an email...GPS...stuff. Would you like go with me to my house and ..."

He bit his tongue before he could speak further. She giggled again. The sound was like wind chimes tinkling on the first day of summer. He was so hard in love. He wanted to love her so badly that no one would love her like that again. His vision blurred and his words slurred. This was bad. This was good. Like a shot of expensive whisky. He had never felt like this before.

She disappeared from his vision, going behind a curtain and his vision cleared at once. The sounds of the market that he had not noticed before came back to him. The smells and sights and colors and chaos, attacked his senses. He had to get out of this place. He looked for the door where he had come in from, but there were so many people everywhere, dressed in as colorful and outlandish clothes as possible. He felt like he was in a kaleidoscopic dream.

"Hey! I am talking to you, boy!" The rough voice was calling out to him and it belonged to an even rougher man. The black man stood easily a foot and half above Razvik's height. He had a ring through his right nostril and a chain went up from the ring and ended through his ear.

"This is for you," he growled and slammed a package on the table in front of him.

Razvik picked up the package and looked up at the monstrous man. "There was a girl here, I was talking to her just now."

"My sister," the black man snarled.

"Bye." Razvik managed to squeak out and moved into the crowd of people around him. He started to walk in the general direction  of where he thought the exit to the market was, but he was back the same table, with the black man glaring down at him. 

The people started to notice him. He was dressed differently and he was carrying a shiny package under his arm. They started to move away from him. He looked around desperately for the exit, but everything was the same in all directions.

Then someone put a bag over his head and his world became black.
Might have typos, but right now, i want to know what happens next.

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