Oct 10, 2011

The Scream

Janis walked on the road to her home. The setting Sun cast new shadows on the warehouse walls as she walked by. She slowed her pace for a few moments to admire the scenery. It was then that she heard the scream

It was an animal sound of anguish and pain. Janis stopped for a beat as the echoes of the scream died away in her mind. It came from somewhere behind her, from one of the warehouses. Maybe someone was in trouble.

But I've got enough troubles of my own.

She looked ahead at the setting sun and kept on walking. She saw the corner of her house by the next turn. There was a girl standing there. Her clothes were torn and blood was pooling at her feet.
Janis walked faster towards the girl but she didn't get nearer. Janis kept walking but her house was at the same distance as it had been a step ago. She broke into a jog, but she was running in the same spot.

The girl with blood at her feet looked straight at Janis, a thought exploded in her head.

Should've helped me.

Then it was Janis' turn to scream.

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