Oct 30, 2011

7. The Darkman Cometh

Once the dark man had fed from the watch man's body he stumbled out of the building. Although he was a bit unsteady on his feet, he knew he had to travel. He looked at the watch he had take from the dead man's pocket. Now it glowed a deep red. Pulsing with every beat of a heart that was far far away, waiting for its owner. For him.

The dark man found a horse tied around a post in the city. He climbed on the horse and pointed it in direction shown by the watch. As he spurred the horse and slumped in the saddle, the horse started its slow trot in the direction of the heart in a jar. The dark man's closing eyes saw the watch in his hand pulse brightest once and then darkness took him. 


Back in the city, Nife was showing his knives to the girl. Tears were streaming down her face and smearing her face with mascara, just the way Nife liked them. He used each knife to demonstrate it's function and the girl's body bore bloodied remains of Nife's handiwork. 

"Please, no." the girl begged Nife to stop as he showed her his favorite knife, the black bladed one that he kept hidden in a skin sheath on his left arm. He turned the girl around and slammed her face first in the wall of the alley. With one hand, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to reveal her neck that gleamed with sweat in the little light that escaped from the bar into the alley. Nife put the black knife to the girl's throat...

"Stop." A voice full of authority and malice stopped Nife in his tracks. He slit the girl's throat anyway and turned around to face the source of the voice. 

The old woman from the bar was standing in the doorway, framed by the light from the bar, her silhouette radiating menace and danger. 

But Nife was not afraid, the old woman just represented another challenge for him. Another form that he could destroy and erase from existence. He spun a new knife in his hand and threw it at the woman's head. His aim was true but the knife stopped an inch from the woman's face. It hovered in the air above her head and she calmly plucked it from the air.

"Is this the best you can do, boy?" her old voice mocked Nife. He saw a flash of steel and he barely dodged his own knife that the woman had thrown at him. She was fast and she was right next to Nife in an instant that it took him to draw a breath. 

"You're in my domain now." She grinned at him and stabbed him with a nail that hung from her neck by a thread. 

If Nife had a tongue in his mouth, he would have screamed, but he just gurgled and made an empty sound in his throat as the world spun away from him and the last thing he saw was the old woman's teeth growing larger in his field of vision.


The dark man opened his eyes and he saw that the horse had brought him to a city. There was still some time to sun rise and the lights of a bar barely illuminated a dark alley. He half climbed down, half fell from the horse and crawled towards the dark alley. There was a girl's body lying there, with her jugular vein cut and the blood still warm from her body. The dark man thanked whatever gods that were looking after him and he fed again. 


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