Oct 14, 2011

3. Nife

Nife was slitting the throat of hooker in an alley behind the Mad Monkey Bar when he got a job offer.

"Heard you're a heart specialist." a voice asked from the darkness farther up the alley.

Nife wiped his knife on the hooker's shoulder and nodded.

"We need to recover a heart in a jar."

Nife raised his clean hand and rubbed his index finger on his thumb.

The owner of the voice tossed him a small bag that stank of gold.

"It's in a shop. You better hurry."

And that's how Nife accepted a job that would leave him dead.


  1. Still going, I see, good stuff!

  2. could visualize it clearly :) good

  3. @Minx... Ma'am, nice to see you visit this humble abode :) Thank you!

    @meethi...hey, thanks!

  4. I love the names you use !!