Aug 28, 2010

Non Story Post

I like the fact that i can post whatever the fuck i want to on my blog. That's the whole point of blogging no? I mean, it's not really a popularity competition. Uh...nevermind.

August has been a tough month on me. And it's not over yet. I asked for things again and again and i was told no. Maybe i didn't ask hard enough or maybe I didn't deserve those things, but anyway, August is almost over now. I'm glad for that. I might be quitting the job, i've been doing work for the past three years, and it's certainly not fun. I mean, i didn't even have my exam results when I was on the job and i got my graduation result after my first salary, which was peanuts. The salary was peanuts, not the result.

Anyway, the past 3 odd years have been tough on me, and the blog, and my writing has gone through changes, some good some bad, and i am glad to say, everyday i learn something new. Which isn't very comforting, to say the least. I started novels and left them in middle, some 3-4 of them and then there was lot of writing. Found the mecca of distraction called twitter, got addicted, quit it. Had some other bad habits, left them too. Then, slowly my mind rotted because of staying alone. All fucking alone. I was afraid that i'd get used to staying alone and i did. Now, if someone else is near me, i feel they are invading my personal space. I've diaries full of ideas that are yet to be written, guess their time has not come yet. And still, there are so many things i can't talk about on the blog, because this is, somewhat, a public medium. But yeah, all through these years, i've loved writing every single word here. Through loneliness, being broke, hunger, drunkenness and madness, every single fucking word has been worth it.

Now, onwards, to more stories. Because that's what we do.



  1. Wishing you luck Nothingman!

    We'll always remain brothers for life!!

    Cheers! =)

  2. fuck dude, you don't allow comments on the other blog and you encourage comments here. that's fucked up.

  3. Thank you Bea:)

    I need the luck, Punky :)

    Hey Kris, I AM fucked up :D I encourage comments on that blog too, i just don't allow them :D


  4. areee..don't mind living alone as long as you are not lonely..n u got plenty of friends..
    keep rocking dude! we are waiting for ur novel, whenever it comes:)