Sep 2, 2010

NON Story Post -- All Is Not Well

International readers, the few of you, recently released Indian movie 3 Idiots was about the education system of the engineering in India. The movie popularized the phrase "All Izz Well"(sic) among the youth who, according to the movie, can stay calm by saying this phrase when all shit is getting shot to hell and back on the back of a rabid T-Rex.

All is well?


Since when the fuck has all been well? When the fuck will be well?

How long will it take us to realize that we're all in a state of constant degradation and we are slowly spiralling towards the end we are all supposed to meet. This fact scares me and disturbs me to a great degree. To think of a world where none of you will be there to read my stories. It shakes my faith in humanity and you tell me ALL IS WELL? FUCK THAT, i say.

All is NOT well good sir, 'even the Monalisa is falling apart' (Fight Club)

Through all the destruction of the soul and mind, we are hanging on to dirty filthy words like hope, love, kindness and empathy. There is nothing like that in the world. If you don't start cutting people, its only because people are cutting you. Right now. Yes.

Are you the one doing the damage to the universe or getting damaged by the universe?

Do you really, with all your heart and soul, believe in power of Love and Goodness? Don't answer this to me, answer this to yourself.

We're living in interesting times, ladies and gents, this is a WARZONE.

Show no mercy, because you shall receive none.


  1. damn, funny u. Lol. Why am i finding every fuckin posts of urs funny these days? May coz u dont kill ppl anymore, may be coz i m a ''adult'' now :D

  2. Dex, you find it funny because it IS funny.
    thank you.

    Killing people shall resume in coming few stories.


  3. LOL... I thought some more spare time will make you take things easier. But I must admit you are right, if we are to be completely honest to our deep self. :)

  4. Life is, was and will always be shitty.

    "All is well" eventually becomes "Fuck this shit!". We mortals need something to get us going, whether it is booze, rock n roll or even dumb phrases like these.

    A bit of sugar coating and even shit becomes tasty. That's the point.

  5. You need get high! get back to your cocaine and goats. and all will definitely seem well. :P
    Its an idiotic world.. idiots survive ..idiots rule.. that makes all of us idiots as well.

  6. @Thais...

    I'm finding it harder to take things easier :)


  7. @Punky...

    Well, if its shit and we know its shit even after it's sugarcoated, do we still need to consume it?


  8. @Rashi...

    Thanks. Cocaine and goats are gone. It's tough to go back there.


  9. non story is a story too albeit a different type.

    hope, love, and peace: seem like the words ideal ONLY for posters.
    i don't know where we are going either. i think we are going to complete circumnavigating the whole of human history. eg: when petrol is no more, people will ride with their iPhones on three wheeler manual richshaws. imagine the look on everyone's face before they leave for work. JUST IMAGINE!!! (in the tone of character Geet from jab we met.)

    i get a kick out of imagining shit like this. it's like there's no end to such thinking eh.

    nice shit. like it. yep.