Aug 19, 2010

The Rose, Red and Blue (Part 2 of 3)

(You can read part 1 of this story here)

Mack sat in the dark with his back to the boat's cabin. The hydrofoil was fitted with a X-286 engine that gave the boat speed equivalent to a Ferrari on water. He would need it soon. He watched the starless skies, there was a storm building up in the south. His favourite kind of weather. He took the cigar from his pocket. It was half smoked and slightly bloody. The cigar of victory and death. He got up from his perch, stepped over two bodies that had their heads chopped off, the wounds cauterised by lightening. There was no blood here, he liked his jobs clean. He went up to the boat's railing and put the cigar in his mouth. The clouds gathered above him like bad luck but he knew it was only normal. He flicked his fingers and a stab of lightening struck down from the clouds into the water, dangerously close to where he stood. The cigar glowed to an amber red and Mack sucked in deeply. He exhaled and looked to the shore, willing the signal to make itself seen. He wanted to kill more. It was an addiction. Then the flare went up, bright against the sky like a jewel in a crown. He spat the cigar and before it touched the surface of water, the boat was off in the direction of the flare.


The Electrician stood waiting for Mira in the big hall. He was dressed for the fight, batteries laced his back and his armour was a mishmash of gadgets and junk. Most of the gadgets didn't work, they were only for show, but he knew he'd not need gadgets with the girl coming here. He'd smash her like an empty carton of juice without using much force. He wanted to get back to drinking sweet electricity. And he waited for her. But she didn't show up. So he decided he'd go and say hi to her.

Mira sensed the air around her fizzle and a smell of ozone filled the atmosphere. She stopped walking, stood absolutely still and took stock of her reserves. She had wasted a lot of energy in getting through the guards and she was doubtful that she'd make it through the fight that was coming her way. The Electrician calmly walked into her view and his confident smile sent her heart in a sickening lurch in her stomach. She squeezed a charge in her fist, building it, giving it power, till the Electrician was in the range of her attack. He saw her closed fist, he saw the blue light gather around her fingers, and he started running towards her. Mid-run, he dropped to his knees, and started a slide that ended near Mira's feet. With a flourish, the Electrician presented Mira with a wire rose that lit up with red and blue flames.

"This is my love for you, my love." he sighed.

And Mira slammed him in the face with the charge she was building. The charge sent him tumbling head over heels. He crashed through three different walls and came to a stop, his nose was broken and he felt an empty space where his shoulder joint was supposed to be.

"Stupid girl," he muttered more out of frustrated sadness than anger or pain, "out you go."

Electric serpents lashed out of his right hand and coiled themselves around the fixtures in the ceiling. The serpents reached Mira, who was still standing in the same spot, gathering her energies and thinking about her next move. She didn't have to think for long because the serpents lashed out at her. Lifting her in a tangle of blue lightening bolts and hurling her bodily through the skylight, into the trees and far away onto the beach. Mira fell on the warm sand and coughed out a gob of blood.

"Mack..." her bruised lips whispered as she gathered resolve to get up.

I am messing up the timeline of the story on purpose. Some explanation, each part of the story is divided into now and earlier. The events of earlier have led to the events of now. And the Earlier of this part will relate to the NOW of the previous part of the story. Confused? GOOD!

Let me know in comments how much you hate me.


  1. There is more red-hot, lightning packed action in this story than my dim bulb can comprehend. More! I want more! Charge me up!

  2. Smart narration. The mind keeps running.

    Reminds me of Nolan Paaji. =)

  3. @Madam Z....

    Thank you :) be ready for part 3.

    @Punky...yeah, well all my stories remind someone of something :D


  4. I am still hungry. Thats all I have to say at present. :P