Apr 9, 2010

NON STORY POST-- About Stuff

Hey you, yup you. This is NOT a story. I like to make this clear in most of the occasional non-story post here. Cuz hey, we need to get to know each other better. You barely know me, even when you've been reading my blog for god know how much time. Ok, some of you know me, but you DON'T really really know me. Few do. Very few. But let's not go there.

I have some news, some views, and some links.

NEWS : I am off facebook. I told trusted parties to change my password to something I don't know so that even if I want to I cannot login there. It's a time waster, I'd rather spend that time writing. The friends who really really care can easily contanct me on email or call me or whatever, if I love them I'll pick their calls or something.

I have frozen the twitter account because I realized that twitter was an idea dump. The best ideas that could've been kickass blogposts were getting wasted as 140 character tweets of no particular significance. I might take up twitter again in future, but that's till I can rack up my personal word count. TO those who are reading this from twitter. I'm not really sorry guys, I know you'll miss me there, but I have to get my life in order and do awesome things. Twitter was taking too much brain juice, now that I know I am off it, I can work on more interesting things like painting stones and drinking red bull and listening to music and ofcourse, writing.

VIEWS: There are "Outside Forces" working to mess with me. Sorry Outside Forces, that's not going to happen. :)

LINKS: Serial Fiction has hit blogsphere in full force and I'm lucky to have my friends here doing some awesome mindfuck work. In no order of authority,

  • Mr Dinners writes about Angels Over London and a war between good and evil. With brit humor and sarcasm and kickass lucifer character. Lots of drinking, sex and mindfuckers going on here. Check it out here. Judgement Day. Go and leave some comment love.
  • , our old drug user and sex addict friend who writes only when he is high as a kite and low like a rapper thug. Kid is insane, in short. He is writing something which I am yet to catch up on, but he's got an interesting format. And his Google Image Fu is strong. Check it out at his serial fiction here > The Coup.
  • And last but not the least, Mr. Jason Evans, he of the awesome Clarity Of Night fame is doing some serial science fiction at this joint, Clarity Of Night. Great quality of writing, short, snappy and hard driving, check it out here > The Seed.
  • *EDIT>> We can't ignore the young guns of blogger,
So as the weather gets hotter, the weekends should be spend indoors, reading and enjoying as many blogs as you can, and ofcourse, when you read, do leave comments, it's only good manners and even a single comment can be fuel for the writer to write more. It DOES make a difference. Writer folk survive on feedback. Be giving.

And, for the hellions among us, those who like their beer strong and their heavy metal loud >> One Million Beers For Metal. This is where it was conceptulized. So, if you're attending a concert and drinking beer, send these peeps a pic, should be easy enough no? They are planning to collect one million pics. So yay!

That's about it for now.

More stories next :)


  1. We're going to miss you on Twitter, but I know exactly what you mean about FB being a time waster and twitter sucking all your ideas. Have been contemplating a retreat from Social Media myself.

    Nevertheless, I hope you keep writing and blogging, and I'll see if I can persuade myself to do some of the same. :)


  2. Good shite. I was wondering where you were. Good decision. Sort your shit out, write blogs, the real stuff. Take a break from twitter. Will look forward to your posts, subscribed now on RSS.

    And kudos for partly quitting FB. I did it 3-4 months back, and life's changed for the better

  3. Ta for the plug old bean. I've enjoyed it! Hope some others have!

    Nearing the end now.

    Mind you...I'm on chapter three of a new story entirely.

    It's called 'Promise' and is the story of Detective Sergeant Promise of New Scotland Yard.

    'Promise' will begin in a week or two.

    You do realise it's you whose inspired me to have a crack at writing old bean?


    It is entirely your fault.

    So there.

    And always remember...too many twits make a twat....good call ;-)

  4. Screw the Outside Forces!
    Rock on!

  5. Glad you are off the evil social media outlets: FB and Twitter. I actually do relate to what you said. My experience in a nutshell follows.

    I went off FB in Jan and for a while my life did seem "EMPTY" for I had to just go with the flow and NOT worry about trying to update on EVERY FRIGGIN' THING I did.
    And I went off Twitter recently after realising I would rather spend time painting and photographing things than to fuckin' just tweet about it all.

    And now life is so much better. Digital communication in my life is only either through email or Skype (when all else fails!) LOL

    Social media these days, it seems, is more about voyeurism than communication, I say. Fuckin' popularity contest basically.

    For eg- on FB, I once saw someone's status saying, "wondering who's going to be my 500th friend?" I was like WTF.

    I can go on and on about social media but yea, keeping it within the boundaries of your post. :)

    Keep writing. :D

  6. And thanks for visiting. :)

  7. Hmm... thanks for the links.. will surely read them :)

    And, I don't know you at all. Just love your story telling...

    Keep writing more and more and more.... I will never get tired reading.

    I guess, it is a good break and it refreshes my mind. *while studying I think everything under the sun is very very interesting .... even staring at walls and just dreaming...*

    And no, your work is most interesting thing!!! :D After reading your write-ups, I realise I am not at all a story teller lie you... I shold better stick to my forte ;) i.e. painting :)

    Oops! looks like I have written a long essay here..!! sorry!! actually I'm very happy today!!!

  8. I'm not much in to face book or twitter either. all the best on your writing.

  9. No Twitter, damn! And I was just thinking of finally linking my Twitter account with ze blog.

  10. Like your resolve N-man! Keep it up!

  11. I like the no Twitter idea very much. While an idea dump pretty much sums it up, I tell myself that it is perfect for exchanging ideas and getting under the skin of other writers.

    Although I must admit, I was planning on following you when I came across your account on someone's list But this is a good step. Go set the pen on fire!

  12. the part abt outside sources was damn gud :)

  13. When are the more stories coming ?

  14. Let your mind spill a bit on this old web, would ya?
    Rock on!