Jun 24, 2010

tied up in things

Hello dear readers, i know some of you are there. I am tied up in work. There is a lot of it and i've been trying to get rid of certain addictions with only moderate success. The writing meanwhile has suffered. But i will be back soon. There is no other way to go about it. One should always be back.

So, yeah, here's to hoping that all is well in your parts of the world and that you're having a good time.

See ya soon.



  1. i likes this. this are nice. i very likes it. good lucks to you too.

    jokes apart, it's good to be busy and it's good to know you'll be back with a rocking story as always.

    the wait is worthwhile. i likes alliteration a lots. :P

  2. oh btw, i also likes "1 got high and tried to fly"

    LOL it makes me LOL almost every time i read it. heh.

  3. @NothingMan Why, why, oh why do all your stories deal with "death" or to be precise.. murder?

    I fear.. I'll turn into the Ganges if I keep reading. Untainted in history, but murky and soiled in reality. :P

    @Neo You can say about the "I got high and tried to fly" once again! Heh.