Jan 19, 2010

A Cartoon...

My entry at Clarity of Night was slightly molested by the some of the comments there, though I must admit I was at fault too, for not clarifying a point clearly in the story. I could have mailed our host Jason to make a slight correction and just remove the word Grandma from the story and make it she, the story would have been fine. But, had it been a print publication would I be able to correct the error? No sir. I thought about it and decided to let the error be.

So, this CoN contest is a lesson to me, to review/edit the stuff I write more carefully. Yup.

On second thoughts, maybe the kid was thinking of doing things to his Grandma.



P.S- I've been busy this side. Some kind of regular story telling will commence soon.

The cartoon above is from here.


  1. Oh well...this is the third time i seem to be making this statement. WHERE WAS THE FUCKING TECHNICAL MISTAKE???
    Didnt the disjointedness get to people??? didnt they realize that the it was a mind that was tripping and slipping from one thought to another...
    and please even in alternate realities/universes/underverses/ .....GRANDMOM... no-ho-ho...

    You were fantastic. you were unique, and YOU bloody raped the contest... AND you featured in my top 10. so there you go

  2. @nMAN

    i agree with preeti...though i admit that i also thought the guy wanted to do dirrty lil things to his grandma but well i just took it as his character. but maybe i'm just like that only with a sick,twisted, demented line of thought.
    but seriously that line gave that character a edge, a dark side. i guess we can safely call it as 'the nothingman signature style'.

  3. Thank God I'm no longer blogging. I guess you can consider this flogging (whatever that is?). Anyway, molestation? Really? Oh, you know how sensitive I can be. At least my characters are politically correct.

    On a serious note, your story was much better than the majority. You made my short list (top 20). Yeah, I apologize for that, but at least I'm brutally honest. Hey, there were 236 stories to flog (I mean judge). --JR *188

  4. Well I loved it....that may not necessarily be a good thing...;-)