Jan 14, 2009

My story for Clarity of Night with guest appearance by past stories.

Two years, seven contests, each story more fucked up than the previous one. If you read them all, maybe you will see a transition, maybe you will see that I have become worse than what I was, maybe you will have fun, maybe it will leave you with wanting more. Who knows? Maybe you will, if only you read. The new story sent to the Clarity Of Night is A Thousand And One Years

Here are the links to the entries to previous contests. Enjoy, if you can.

January 2007, Silent Grey Contest-Entry#11--The Shaman's Call
[Two years back, damn!]

April 2007, Endless Hour, Entry#43-- The Dirty Rose
[When some things were drawing to an end in life, and other things beginning]

July 2007, Halo, Entry#49-- The Most Curious Night In The Jungle
[Did I write this a work? can't remember!]

November 2007, Restless Dawn, Entry#1-- Dragonfly's Breakfast
[Early bird on this one, got the worm, no prize :P]

February 2008, Whispers, Entry #53-- Her Arms Reach For The Sky
[Wrote this one sober and in a weird mood]

July 2008, Running Wind, Entry #37-- The Name Of Hope
[Was hopeful of winning, turned out hope is a bitch]

And now...
January 2009, Ascension, Entry #72-- A Thousand And One Years

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm #80 apparently.

    Good luck old bean

  2. I'm #8.

    I left the following comment under your story: I liked your iron dragon / Nike connections to the photo. If my mind serves me correct (I've read so many stories) yours spans the greatest amount of time.

  3. I came to know about the contest through you. Am I glad to come across your blog.

    Your works are definitely evolving. Here's my feeble first attempt : http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com/2009/01/entry-84.html

  4. reading 'em all. Some's good some's not so and some bloody marvellous.

    Nice that nobody slags anyone's efforts though. Constructive criticism's the thing.

    Ta for pointing me to it.

    Read JR's and Phantoms. Like 'em (and I ain't sayin' that to be nice)

    Loved yer Nike story old bean. Good luck eh ;-)

  5. If you would like to see the visual representation of my story, I invite you to click onto my blog. Peace.

  6. That is ALOT of words. Thoughts tucked away in the world outside of your brain. How does it feel?
    Rock on!

  7. I have in my hand a freshly-received post-card with a story titled 'Blood and Snow' scribbled on it.
    I received it on IST 3:47 sharp.

    For a fairly intelligent, clever (and all similar adjectives) guy like Nothingman, his handwriting is .....ummm.... not what i thought it would be.

    Anyway, thanx a lot, dude.

    I'd say all the submissions are great. But 'Shaman's Call'
    'Dirty rose' were better as the latest ones are more abstract, far-reaching definitely, but the first ones are winning-stuff. Newer posts are your regular kind, ot for a competition.

  8. may the best writer win! :D
    I think ur the best, lets see if that turns out to be true! :D