Jan 19, 2008

The Shaman's Call

*BUM BHUM BHUM BUM BHUM BUM BHUM* the crazy sound runs amok through the jungle.

The Shaman beats the drum of human skin like it was his enemy, which it was in an indirect sort of way. The beat resonates through the jungle calling to the blood of the whole tribe. Every hunter in the jungle tenses at the sound of the drum, it reverberates through their bodies like the sound of a thousand bees with their stingers poking in their brains. Every hunter knows the time is near and they must be as fast as possible now to hunt, kill and take back their prize to their homes.

In the next fifteen minutes the jungle is a frenzy of blood curdling yells and maniac shouts of the hunters. In their heads the pounding of the drums gets louder but now they know they can return, for each of them has had success in in the hunt and with the dead animals hung over their shoulders they return to their settlement.

The Shaman counts each man in, taking a portion of meat from each man's kill and ushers them into his small hut made of elephant skin.
The men sit on the ground, pushing and shoving each other to make space. The Shaman makes his entrance from the back of the hut and rolls a small trolley behind him. On the trolley sits a Sony Vaio Laptop. A collective sigh erupts from the men sitting on the ground.

The Shaman grins and presses Enter.

The men stare in an awed silence as the credits starts rolling, " In a galaxy far far away...."
I have decided that I'm not going to write with comments in mind, this is going to be  open sessions of whatever comes in my head. raw and unedited.
oh and in last post I said I'm dying, none of you fuckers noticed :[+]


  1. Star Wars?!!! You're dying?!!! Is this true or are you just twisting our tails?!!!

    Hope you're okay...got 5 things for you!

  2. hmmm...in your last post, you *thought* you were dying. thinking you're dying makes you live forever.

  3. star wars!!!!
    what flowers do u like??am i invited to ur funeral?? ;)

    while u are alive...may the force be with u!!

  4. dude no one can stop a person fro dying!
    thats why we kept quiet! ;)
    dont worry, tell sneha what flowers u want. I will come along with her to ur funeral! :D


  5. i was just too jealoues to comment in'i m dying'

  6. " In a galaxy far far away...."?
    Awww Come on! Don't leave me hanging!
    What happens next?
    (and, I heard a rumor that someone was dying...? heheh)
    Rock on!

  7. @Jon... twisting tails hopefully :P

    @Kris... that my friend is a twisted philosophy !

    @ Vitruvian... for friends like you dying is canceled, i'm to trouble you even more :D no invitation to the funeral :P

    @ Jevvy... kaise dost ho yaar tum log :P

    @ Shyan...last time i checked i wasn't :P

    @IG... jealous, now thats thought provoking!

    @ Rex...nothing happens next man. its over :P