Jan 16, 2008

Can Heaven?

The can of mountain dew sat silently on Krin's table. She tapped away on her laptop, ignoring the green black can filled with the  blood of the gods, salvation and eternal damnation wrapped in every gulp of that ichor waiting to be unleashed onto her soul and her body.

The can was getting impatient. It need attention. It need love. It needed to be opened, drunk and thrown in a bin for can heaven. Krin had more interest in facebooking her friends and sending messages on myspace. The can took it on itself to do something about it. So, it shook. The greenish-yellow liquid inside it sloshed against the walls of the can and it shook some more. Krin still ignored it. The shaking took form of an insistent vibration.

The can got Krin's attention this time, something flipped in her head and she screamed.

"Fuck." thought the can.

Krin picked up the can and threw it out of her window, it fell on the road outside, broke open and started to bleed on the road. Then Krin messaged all her friends on facebook and myspace that she has been assaulted by a demonic can of mountain dew from outer space.
She wrote about it on her blog and the post was dugg and made famous within 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The can sat in Can Heaven and muttered, "fuck."

Funny? I don't think so.
The laziness to write is not going away. *yawn*
I think I'm dying.


  1. amazing concept! especially when the can keeps saying fuck all the time! lolz! good! finally, none of ur usual "twists"!

  2. ...and it got blogged on a story a day.

  3. haha i found it funny.
    how many cans have u sent to Can heaven??

  4. that'll teach it to not have beer in it....

  5. lol man!
    can sayin FUCK?
    Hilarious! :P
    where have u disappeared btw? haven seen ya around in ages!


  6. Excellent stuff Nman! Can you write? Yes you can!

  7. thought u reply to evry comment! hmm!


    Love you all, thanks for sticking by. coming back soon!!