Jul 27, 2018

The Anomaly - Part 7

The old man on the screen coughed once and a hand appeared from the right side of the screen to dab the corner of his mouth with a tissue. He waved the hand away and continued to look at Otrahun. He was old as old people come, but there was a spark in his eyes that made it hard to look away from him.

"Do I believe in what?" Otrahun said.

"Sin. The morality and immorality of what we do and what we don't do. The concept of heaven, hell, and everything in between. The fact that there might be an afterlife and we're all doomed to suffer even more."

Otrahun shrugged. "I am sorry. I am not what you can call an ideal human being. I've done shit and some of it made me feel bad, but once it was done there was no taking it back. So, I live with it, just like everyone else."

"So, you have sinned," the old man said. "God bless your soul," he muttered under his breath.

"But what does that have to do with me being here and how can I help in saving the world?"

The old man ignored his questions.

"Did you know that there is a record of every sin of every man and woman on this planet? And there is going to be a time when everyone will be called to explain their sins?"

"That would take a lot of time, I believe."

"Time doesn't work in the sense that you believe when you are called to account for the things that you have done. You are there and you are not there. It's not a place in time or space. It just exists and you have an eternity to contemplate your fate with your judge."

"Still doesn't explain anything."

The old man sighed. The small gesture made him look his age, defeated and small. A creature away from his time, crushed by the weight of memories, waiting for everything to end.

"As my assistant must have explained it to you. You are what we like to call as an anomaly. We needed someone like you. Your social life is minimal and you are another cog in the big machine, but you have your place in a bigger machine where you can be of much more importance. If you choose."

Otrahun listened to the old man talk and it seemed to him like the same old spiel of bullshit that he'd been fed all these years. The only problem for him was that he liked the taste of that bullshit.

"I came here, so I guess my choice is pretty much evident. If you are willing to line my bank account with a number ending with enough zeros, I am all yours."

The old man smiled at this. "We are dealing with things that are much beyond money and power, Mr. Yaway. But if money is what you are after, then rest assured, you will get enough if you are able to do what we ask of you."

"That's great, it seems like you are about to come to a point."

"I am. And my point is that Mr. Otrahun Yaway, you will need to die for our sins."

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