Jul 20, 2018

The Anomaly - Part 1

At 2 AM, the night was still young. A slight rain fell on the streets, giving everything a washed up, clean look. The smells of the city magnified in that atmosphere. Diesel, sweat, and cooking oil mixed up with the sizzle of frying meats and dying dreams of the people who were still out there at this hour.

Otrahun Yaway was one such man. Right now, he was sitting on a rickety plastic chair at a roadside food stall, waiting for something, anything to be brought to his table. He needed to get some food in him, the drinks he'd had earlier in the evening had made him ten kinds of drunk and he had puked his way to the food stall from the club where he had danced till the bouncer had thrown him out for grabbing a girl who did not want to be grabbed.

Not my fault, Otrahun reasoned to himself. If she fell on my hands, what was I supposed to do?

The smell of food cooking in a large wok made him realize he was too hungry. He had not had anything to eat the previous day. A long day in the office, battling documents that did not want to accept defeat had beaten him at the end of the day and he wanted to forget everything from the office for the next two days.

He had his head in his hand and he was staring at the nothing in front of him when a pair of shapely legs swam into his view. Sigh, not this, he thought.

"Go away," he mumbled, "I don't need company."

"But I do, Mr. Yaway." 

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