Dec 11, 2016

Back In The Crack

The way back was as simple as opening the door and willing himself to be in the world that he had left behind. Things had changed here. He could smell it in the air. There was an electric tinge and aftertaste of ozone in his nostrils. Things had happened here. Good, bad, he didn't really care. He was going to find mother and get the bag of books back from her.

He was not sure earlier. He was scared for his life. He was not thinking straight. But the time spent in the bar had put his head in the right place. He took out the black card from his pocket and thought hard about his mother. The surface of the card lit up. A small dot appeared on the edge of the card with an arrow pointing towards it.

Mr. Kosmos needed to find a ride.

Just then someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and found Jester's fist rushing at his face. His nose broke in an explosion of pain as the punch landed on him like a sledgehammer. Stars swam up in his vision as he fell back on his ass and tears streamed from his eyes as his broken nose made him experience new levels of pain.

“We've been waiting for you, fuckface,” Jester said and punched Mr. Kosmos again.

Lights faded for Mr. Kosmos and the world went a fuzzy black. He woke up after a while to find himself tied to a tree. His arms stretched behind him so far around the tree that he found it a wonder his shoulders had not popped out of their sockets yet. The humiliation of being captured was more than the pain in his nose or his neck. He tugged at his rope tying his hands and realized there was no give. He was not getting out unless something or someone helped him. He didn't even know where the black card was. It was in his hand when Jester punched him, but he had no idea where it fell after that.

Mr. Kosmos hung his head and tried to breathe in through his busted nose. Every breath hurt. It was like breathing through needles in your nose. How long had he been out, he had no idea. And where was Jester? Why hadn't Mongrifier made mincemeat out of these two? His head hurt and he didn't want to think about these things for a while. He just hung there, catching his breath, gathering his thoughts. Thinking what he'd say once he saw the two idiots.

He looked around him. The tree was in a clearing and there was just a mound of rubbish lying near him. He thought maybe he could use something from the rubbish to cut the ropes binding him to tree.

Then the garbage mound stirred. It shook a little and started to move. It looked hairy and big – and it was waking up. A frustrated, angry growl rose from the mound like the starting sound of an engine left on its own for a long time. Mr. Kosmos almost shat himself a little.

This story is complete, i am just posting the chapters now. Is anyone still reading or am i just preaching to the graveyard? :D I mean, drop a hi, man!

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